Stumbleupon Contest: Get Discovered!

Stumbleupon, one of the best web discovery tools out there, is putting on a great contest of which you videographers should really take note. All you have to do is enter one of your own previously made videos to the contest, but as it ends on February 28th you’ve got to act quick!

The winner will receive 40,000 views (a $2000 value) and as links submitted to Stumbleupon often take off, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Visual News has received over a million free views (at right) directed from their site in 5 months, so it works!

Entering the contest is a super simple 2 minute process and there are also 6 other prizes so you’ve got an excellent chance of taking home some views. For more information and to see who’s entered, check Stumbleupon’s ‘Get Discovered’.

Also, Stumbleupon recently made yours truly a “Top Stumbler,” so if you’d like to make friends I’d be honored (look for the guy sporting the grey hairdo, aka Soloride).

After combing through all the submissions, we feel that the example below is probably the stiffest competition:

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