So You Still Think the Internet is Free?

If you still think the Internet is free, un-policed and safe from being turned off, think again. With the recent shut down of Egypt’s Internet amidst the countries mass riots, the sobering idea that our Internet world is more fragile than expected becomes more apparent each day. In the case of Egypt, the Internet was almost entirely shut down in only a matter of hours as this analysis by Ars Technica explains. These 4 informative infographics from put the current state of freedom on the net in perspective:

As this first graphic clearly demonstrates, all is not as it seems. With most first world countries actively censoring in some fashion, only countries like Mexico and Madagascar remain completely free of censor. Australia finds itself under watch while China and Egypt are heavily policed.

This second graphic, based upon research by the OpenNet Initiative, compares the percentage of the different forms of censorship across the internet. Not made completely clear: these numbers reflect only the percentage based on censored sites, not the percentage compared to the whole Internet.


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