The Personal Touch on Informative Graphics

Instead of using vector drawings normally associated with informational graphics, designer Peter Ørntoft has used carefully planned photographs to create a series of booklets based on opinion polls for 10 Danish social topics. Exploring statistics related to crime, religion and health, his work puts a very personal and hands-on touch to these social numbers, asking the viewer not only to learn from the information, but to feel it as well.

For more on Peter Ørntoft’s work, see his page on the Behance Network.

First image above and two below: Interest no. 4. Refugees and Immigrants. These images focus on whether the Danes feel it is ethical to wear religious symbols in public professions.

Following 3 images: Interest no. 5. Health and Science. Ørntoft focuses on the Danes fear of the H1N1 flu and whether they think the Danish healthcare system can handle an epidemic. He worked at the University of Copenhagen using living microorganisms to design and display the data.

Following 3 images: Interest no. 6. Law and Order. These images are based upon gang related crime and whether the Danes have changed their behavior because of it. Ørntoft used Danish caution tape along with typical ways people interact with their city environment to display the data.

Following 3 images: Presenting the Data. Using a format like a statistical year book, Ørntoft created a package of 10 individual booklets each describing one set of information.


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