Visualized: 3400% Growth at Foursquare

Visualized: 3400% Growth at Foursquare

Foursquare made the announcement this week that they exploded by 3,400% over the last year. That gigantic number means they made the leap from 175,000 to more that 6 million global users! To illustrate where these users are and what they’re using the mobile check-in site for, foursquare created an infographic to celebrate their massive year of growth.

In their most recent newsletter they sent out the infographic, as well as details on some of their latest features, which include enhancements that let you upload photos and more easily make recommendations for your friends

A few of the highlights:

  • Total Check-Ins: 381,576,305
  • Biggest Event: Rally to Restore Sanity with 30,525 Check-Ins in Washington, DC on October 30
  • The most far out check-in? From the International Space Station on October 22
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