Geometric Artwork From Moscow

It would be easy to say that Moscow based artist, Aske, is a man of many facets… his artwork reflects that. With new geometric works that look almost as if they jumped off a computer screen from 1992, he is adding one more style to his already diverse catalog of visual themes.

Aske is the founder of SickSystems, originally concieved as a graffiti troupe consisting of three members. In recent years, being the most active member, he has converted the company into a personal project and expanded it’s scope to include projects in graphic design, illustration, typography and more. His clients have included such big name brands as Nike and Stussy.

Always looking to the next project and creating in the most diverse ways he can imagine, his motto is to “move forward and enjoy what he does.”

Below, Aske’s beginnings in graffiti

Below: Three projects for Nike featuring Air Force One sneakers

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