Intimate Time Lapse Journal Paintings

Bryce Wymer, a visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York, creates visual journals that pop from the page with bold color and composition. Making both detailed drawings and layered paintings in his small Molskine sketchbooks, he has recently started documenting the process in time laps video. He says his personal works “address human social progression and the driving relation between the powerful and the powerless.” He currently works as a freelance creative director, a title which he says includes live action, graphic design, illustration, fine art, 2D animation and post production work. To see more of his intimate works, see his website

Above and below: “David sold the giants body to six eager scientists for a healthy bounty.” Music in the video is Hey by the Butthole Surfers

Wymer says of the video below: “Here is another time lapse sketch installment for a new original song about a Floridian couple whose marriage has gone south. Still recording the song but the rough outline is that the young woman kills her adulterous husband after realizing he has cheated for the third time. This piece is a painting/scratch board of the local lifeguard at the Palm Beach country club where the murder had taken place. Arther C. Riggins (The Lifeguard) always had a close relationship with the recently deceased.” The song on this video is “All along the Watchtower” by XTC originally by Jimmie Hendrix


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