Mapped: City Hot Spots for Locals and Tourists

Looking for a locals bar in a popular city? Look no further than these maps, which plot the places locals and tourists frequent. Taking the images submitted to the Geotaggers World Atlas and placing them on the map colored based on the length that person has been in the city, these images give a good idea of where locals and tourists visit. It’s also a handy travel reference to see what quiet spots still exist in these popular places.

Blue dots on the maps represent where locals have taken photographs (people who have taken pictures in this city dated over a range of a month or more).

Red dots represent where tourists have taken photographs (people who have taken pictures in the city dated over less than a month).

Yellow dots are photographers who can’t be determined (because they have not photographed in any location for over a month).

Make sure to see all five pages of this post, or for even more maps of popular world cities, see Eric Fischer’s Locals and Tourists set on flickr.

San Francisco





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