Drawing Maps from Memory

Sometimes we get to know a place in life so well, having traveled it’s streets and alleys hundreds of times, that we can literally see its map in our minds eye. This collection of drawings is just that, a sample of maps drawn from only memory. Some were created with great attention to detail, remembering shorelines and mountains, while others where scribbled out after a pint or two at the local pub. Click on the links below each image to see just how close the artist came to re-creating the place.
For more cartographic memories, check out the flickr pool From Memory.

Compare Cuba on Google MapsSource

Compare Europe on Google MapsSource

Compare Germany on Google MapsSource

Compare Ibiza, Spain on Google MapsSource

Compare Lisboa, Portugal on Google Maps. Check out the video of this beautiful sketchbook on youtubeSource

Compare Montreal, Canada on Google MapsSource

Compare this road trip, Madison, Wisconsin, to New Orleans, Louisiana, with Google MapsSource

Find The Railway Club, in Vancouver, Canada, on Google MapsSource

See a slightly more detailed version of the United States on Google MapsSource

See the Inishowen area on Google MapsSource

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