Vintage Navy Posters Encourage Food Etiquette

During World War 2, there was a push for moderation in all things; from a complete halt on nylon stocking production to the first ever recycling programs. People were encouraged to limit their use of resources and use all they took. These classic U.S. Navy posters challenged sailors to tighten their belts and clean their plates. Down the hatch sailor!

Digg user rsthiva writes about seeing these posters while growing up in Hawaii:

“I was a kid in Hawaii during WWII. Almost all of the food produced commercially in Hawaii went to feed the million or so servicemen stationed in Hawaii at the time. So the local citizenry had to grow their own. I remember maintaining the family vegetable garden in what was once a school yard (school yards were given over to neighborhoods and parcelled out to familites to grow their own vegetables). I remember getting up in the wee hours of the morning to stand in line to buy a half dozen eggs, a quart of milk, some butter or sugar etc when any of those items became available to the public. Meat and sweets were practically non-existent (I recall the excitement when the war was over when candy became available again). I remember seeing these posters all over the city aimed not just at sailors but to all servicement and to civilians as well.”

Source: Otisarchives1 on flickr

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