Disney in Space: Vintage Films Remixed

Six years before the world’s first manned space flight, Walt Disney released a television series that predicted their vision for the future. The 1955 program, “Man and the Moon,” stunned viewers with it’s innovative and beautiful vision of lunar space flight; even today, the rich graphical work of this series is absolutely astounding. We are pleased to bring you a remixed, modern-day version of this film, as well as two others from the same series, set to electronic beats.

Recently Disney has increased their online presence with an exclusive YouTube channel and Twitter account. Through these forms of media, Disney is reaching out to fans in a way that even the creators of  “Man on the Moon” would have never thought possible.

For more on current space exploration check out our post about the Google Lunar X Prize.

Retro and modern collide; we are ready for liftoff! The never-before-seen video remixes rare 1955 footage from Disney’s “Man on the Moon” with modern electronic beats.

Journey to the Red Planet with Walt Disney as your personal tour guide. This video remixes retro footage from Disney’s 1957 “Mars and Beyond” TV program to bring you a new experience from a classic film.

Countdown begin, 3… 2… 1… we have liftoff! Enter the new tomorrow with another Disney classic “Man in Space.”

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