Animated Graph: 200 Countries over 200 Years

Animated Graph: 200 Countries over 200 Years

Han Rosling uses animated pixels on a graph to demonstrate the immense changes that can happen over two centuries. In the BBC feature titled 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes, we see how life expectancy and wealth have changed across the world year by year since 1810. The Joy of Stats animation shows the effects of devastating moments in history such as the Spanish flu epidemic, both world wars, and the Great Depression. As time goes by, we see all countries become richer and healthier.

Rosling ends with uplifting words: “That huge historical gap between the West and the rest is now closing. We have become an entirely new converging world, and I see a clear trend into the future. With aid, trade, green technology and peace, it’s fully possible that everyone can make it to the healthy, wealthy corner.

Source: Dennis Hollingsworth

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