How to Photograph Models Professionally

Ever wonder how to take pictures of models? Look no further than the sound advice of The Girl on the Magazine Cover, a campy short film from 1940. It was a promotional film produced by Jam Handy, one of the world’s leading commercial and industrial film producers. Often creating short films for major clients, Handy’s films were seen in movie theaters before the main show. Narrating this film about the model industry was popular radio comedian and emcee Walter O’Keefe.

For more on Jam Handy, famous icon of short films, check out this interview with WWJ-TV host Bob Leslie.

Another film by Handy was “Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco” (1943), which promoted the stars of radio shows at that time- Frank Sinatra and Kay Kyser. The film features “behind the scenes” footage on the manufacture and distribution of Luckies.Posted by Paul Caridad

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