Throwing Punches at Pandas in NYC

Throwing Punches at Pandas in NYC

I’ve heard some controversial things about people who dress up in animal costumes, and to be honest, they’ve scared me enough that I’ve been tempted to give those characters a little shove. A punch though? That would be too far for me… but clearly not for the people who willingly pummel Punch Me Panda in New York City.

Nate Hill, a 33-year-old artist from Harlem, has been dressing in a crazy plush suit for a project he calls Punch Me Panda. When in his monochromatic character, his mission is to get people to punch him in exchange for change, an emotional release that will allow him to get off the streets because he is “homeless.” In reality, Hill isn’t homeless at all, but that is the premise of his live-art piece. If you want to track down Punch Me Panda, follow Nate on Twitter.

Meanwhile, check out some of the Punch Me Panda pictures below from a fun photo essay by Rob Bennett for The Wall Street Journal.

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