QR Code Teaser: Exploring Different Dimensions

This video contains some cool Easter eggs, and leads us down a bit of mathematical mystery using QR Codes and some fun scientific details. It basically has a lot to do with the 4th dimension (we think) and we will keep you apprised of what is coming next as it unfolds, but in the meantime, here are some M&Ms for you and ET to pick up on your way to outer space.

1. The video was uploaded by a person using the name Empedocles. This ancient greek philosopher apparently had some unique abilities:

His brilliant oratory, his penetrating knowledge of nature, and the reputation of his marvellous powers, including the curing of diseases, and averting epidemics, produced many myths and stories surrounding his name. He was said to have been a magician and controller of storms, and he himself, in his famous poem “Purifications” seems to have promised miraculous powers, including the destruction of evil, the curing of old age, and the controlling of wind and rain.

2. There is a QR code embedded in the video at 3 seconds, which then redirects to a video of an eye blinking with the title “You Will See.”

3. There is an old recording of a voice in the in the background, which is a sequence of numbers representing Pi. This video is uploaded by Anaximander:

Anaximander was one of the earliest Greek thinkers […] He was an early proponent of science and tried to observe and explain different aspects of the universe, with a particular interest in its origins, claiming that nature is ruled by laws, just like human societies, and anything that disturbs the balance of nature does not last long. Like many thinkers of his time, Anaximander’s contributions to philosophy relate to many disciplines. In astronomy, he tried to describe the mechanics of celestial bodies in relation to the Earth. In physics, his postulation that the indefinite was the source of all things led Greek philosophy to a new level of conceptual abstraction. His knowledge of geometry allowed him to introduce the gnomon in Greece. He created a map of the world that contributed greatly to the advancement of geography.

We’d love to hear your best guess of what this is all leading to. We will be giving away copies of Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy to the most accurate guess (when it is revealed) and the most ridiculously bizarre guess in the comments below.

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