The Softer Side of Star Wars

Clarissa Ines has a passion for “toys, tennis and travel” and a nack for bringing to life inanimate objects through high quality, close up portraiture. Here she turns her attention to the often neglected soft and cuddly side of those favorite action figures of our youth. Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers have never looked so fabulous!

We caught up with Clarissa at home in Manila, Philippines, and got the lowdown on how this all started: “All the Star Wars action figures I’ve photographed are owned by my older brother. I have a few of my own, but I decided to keep them in their original packaging. My brother used to let me raid his toy cabinet pretty freely… until he found out what kind of pictures I’d been taking with them, haha! But then again, he never really said I could stop borrowing them…”

Tell us a little about yourself: “I’m already in my mid-20s but I still feel like a teenager most of the time. I am a recovering Lost addict (I still am obsessed with that show), an occasional traveler, a toy collector, and a tennis fanatic (but I don’t play).”

“I’ve always liked toys but I never thought to put it together with photography. It wasn’t until a friend had told me about a project on Flickr called “The 365 Toy Project” that I started taking both toy collecting and photography more seriously. It was through that project that I discovered how fun Star Wars figures can be. I finished it in 2008, but since then, I’ve not stopped taking photos of toys. They’ve become my favorite subjects — I even bring at least one to photograph whenever I travel.”

Clarissa, describe yourself in 5 words: “Crazy, clumsy, curious, childish, caffeinated.”

Below: Darth’s Facebook self portrait

For more visual stimulation, check out Clarissa’s blog, follow her on twitter or check out her amazing flickr.

Source: Clarrisa Ines
Written by Paul Caridad and Benjamin Starr

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