Neofuturistic Vectors and Vibrant Mosaics

At first glance, Charis Tsevis' visual designs offer a vibrant burst to the eye, but only in looking closer can you see the incredible details. To truly appreciate the intricacies of his work, click through to see the images in higher resolution.

The Jumping Book

Mike Hedge is always on the go and it is hard to keep up with what project he is working on. To help people keep up, Mike made a delicious tag of all his current, past and future projects. Mike ...
Original Illustrations from Charlotte’s Web

Original Illustrations from Charlotte’s Web

The bank vault containing the original drawings for Charlotte’s Web has been opened, and these original masterpieces are to be sold at auction on October 15, 2010. Alice Yoo from My Modern Metropolis put together a great writeup with a ...