We Love Friday!- How It Feels to Fly- Ziplining Around the World


Imagine being a bird, soaring through the air. Humans have dreamed of having this super power for as long as they have co-existed with birds and we have found many ways to simulate the experience. Zip-lining is one of these techniques and quickly becoming a popular vacation excursion. From the rain forests to the beaches, mountains, and cities zip-lining is a thrill seeker’s way to explore a destination the way a bird would see it. To celebrate this fun frenzy, we searched Instagram for some adventurous images of zip-liners around the world. The fastest known zip-line is in the United Kingdom in Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda, Wales at Zip World. It measures 0.99 miles long and claims to reach speeds of 99 mph. The award for steepest, tallest, and longest zipline goes to the ZipFlyer Nepal at HighGround Adventures. It is 1.12 miles long with a vertical drop of 2,000ft and goes 75 mph at top speed.