Smart Environmental Illustrations by Yuko Shimizu

With Superstorm Sandy still a recent memory, New York-based editorial illustrator extraordinaire Yuko Shimizu has recently put together a portfolio of her environmentally themed works. We’ve got to confess a strong affection for her incredible illustrative stylings, and when applied to something as vital as the environment, we’re in love. The flowing lines of her work lend themselves well to the inviting curves of the natural world and the very elements we so badly need to protect. These illustrations featured in articles ranging in topic from sustainable eating and deforestation, to oil drilling and environmentally friendly cars.

A Brief History of Illustration

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As the world becomes increasingly more digital and photography makes up the majority of print, the field of illustration is becoming highly competitive and the creativity in the field is climbing to new heights. Editorial illustrator Yuko Shimizu’s motto is, “If I come up with an idea that would look better as a photo, then my idea is not good.” Illustrations have the power to be more captivating than a photograph because they have no bounds; an artist can express so much in a drawing and we have seen that first hand. In this short video by PBS, some of the top illustrators- Steve Garnaccia, Yuko Shimizu, Sean Murphy, and Molly Crabapple discuss why they love illustration and what it has become.

Asian Super Girls from Yuko Shimizu

If you don’t already know Yuko Shimizu, you’ve been missing out. Having illustrated for companies ranging from Microsoft to MTV, Yuko creates unique characters in her own super style.

In the midst of all her different works are a collection of “Super-Girls.” While many possess a feeling of classic Japanese woodblock printing, they all have a modern twist: one spins a classic record, another jams on a flying V guitar, and one is busy choking out a La Lucha wrestler. Here are a few of her works.