14 Startling Pet X-Rays Reveal the Weird Things Animals Eat

In what might be the most entertaining competition in existence, the “They Ate WHAT?” x-ray contest awards cash prizes to the most impressive images of hungry animals’ innards. These pets all have unique tastes ranging from rocks and socks, to a shish kabob skewer and 104 pennies. Below you will find the 14 gut-wrenching winners of this year’s contest.

Rainbow Colored X-Ray Style Large Scale Murals Art By Shok-1

London-based street artist Shok Oner, better known as SHOK-1, is back with a vibrant new x-ray style. Layering spray paint, he creates patterns and geometric shapes out of neurons, bones, and insects in vivid colors. Last month, he displayed his new style in a solo show in London appropriately named X-Rainbow. Be sure to watch the video below in which SHOK-1 explains the intentions behind his work and “organic” methods.

X-Ray Peeks at X-mas Gifts

hugh-turvey 1

No matter how much you shake, rattle, and size-up your presents this holiday season, sometimes you still can’t figure out what’s inside. But with an X-ray view, there is no mistaking what lies beneath that festive wrapping paper and bow! X-ray Artist Hugh Tuvey from the British Institute of Radiology took radiographed pictures of wrapped up Christmas packages to reveal the secrets inside.

The First X-Ray Technician: 4 Weird Facts About X-Ray Inventor Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen

Just like all great things in this world (peanut butter, low foam beer, the hands-allowed lap dance), they all have one thing in common: they came from someone equally great. However, it isn’t always the smartest or the most educated mind to create the technological advances that we hold dear and take for granted every single day. For instance, the world’s first x-ray technician and inventor may have given the medical industry the greatest single invention since the pre-existing condition, but he also had a bizarre life that could make him eligible for a mental health tax reduction.