Superheroes Drop In to Classic Pieces of Fine Art


The Renaissance classics are great, but they lack one thing: superpowers. For their most recent photoshopping contest, Worth1000 invited digital artists to insert superheroes into their favorite works of classic fine art. A baby Spiderman becomes the cherubic star of Caravaggio’s Amor Vincit Omnia. Venus slips into a sexy Wonder Woman costume with thigh highs as angels look on. Jacques-Louis David’s Male Nude known as Hector looks much different with a Captain America uniform on. See some of our favorite superheroes in a much different era.

Imagining Fantasy Water Worlds

Below is a selection of remarkable fantasy images of famous places from worth1000 contestants who submitted digital artwork under the category “Water World.” These whimsical depictions include submerged landmarks and renderings of other urban places on a flooded planet. Worth1000 has ongoing photoshop contests that include entrants from around the world, and archives of creative ideas to be explored.

Flooded Louvre by TiredTom