70% of Americans are Not Engaged at Work

70%. That’s how many workers are ‘not engaged’ while at work. Those numbers come from Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, an ongoing study from 2010 through 2012 which looks for insights on what leaders can do to improve employee performance and engagement at the workplace. Whether killing time at work surfing the net, or simply putting in the lowest effort on a boring project, American workers are working more while doing less.

It’s not just about helping employers though. This kind of research benefits everyone. By providing employees with more meaningful work they not only work harder, they also go home knowing they spent their time working for a good reason. Win-win.

These Employees Are Having A Ball At Work

It’s all work and all play at the London creative agency Pearlfisher. In its forward-thinking installation called Jump In!, the agency filled its gallery space with over 81,000 white plastic balls to “promote the transformative power of play.”

Google’s Renewed Amsterdam Office is a Total Playground

Google has created yet another well designed office, this time in the city of Amstersdam. Designed by D/DOCK, the interior speaks to the fun aspects of Dutch culture. There are bicycle carriers, emblems of the royal family and yes, even large ceiling panels resembling the popular stroopwafel dessert.

Working Out In The Workplace

It’s no secret that Americans spend quite a bit of time at their desk while they’re at work, but did you realize that it’s close to roughly a third of their entire time spent there? Exercise is a vital and important aspect of a healthy lifestyle and anything you can do to keep yourself fit will help you out in the long run. Just because you’re in a cubicle and not out on the field or court doesn’t mean there still aren’t things you can do at work to stay fit.