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Wood You Wear It? Geometric Clothing Made with Faceted Wood

Tuesday 03.18.2014 , Posted by
Sruli Recht Faceted Wooden Clothing 3

Many of the fabrics we wear are made of large materials… from examples as different as fluffy cotton and long sticks of bamboo… preferably broken into very tiny pieces. But what about wearing your fiber in larger chunks? That’s a bit like what’s happening with this fashionable design collaboration employing faceted pieces of wood to form stylish men’s clothing. [Read more...]


In the Belly of the Whale: Rest Hall at U of Seoul Made of Wooden Ribs

Monday 03.03.2014 , Posted by
Rest Hall UTAA Hole 2

Tucked under the stark grey exterior of a building at the University of Seoul is a warm and organic place to rest. Called Rest Hall and nicknamed Hole, the inviting structure resembles the belly of a whale, complete with row upon row of wooden ribs. Walking into the central entrance, the cave-like space encircles you with the warmth of natural timber rings, with chambers opening to the left and right. [Read more...]


A McDonalds Style Kitchen Made Completely Out of Wood

Sunday 02.09.2014 , Posted by
Roxy Paine Carcass Wooden Kitchen 2

Plenty of people have complained that fast food burgers taste like cardboard… but what about that flavor hitting the palate more like wood? Artist Roxy Paine has created that reality, building a McDonalds-like commercial kitchen completely out of wood… and we mean everything. [Read more...]


Light Geometry: Shadow Cube Casts Patterns on Gallery Walls

Monday 02.03.2014 , Posted by

Light and shadow play upon the walls and ceiling of the room, cast by Anila Quayyum Agha’s new large scale wooden sculpture, called Intersections. The intricately patterned wooden cube contains an interior light-source which illuminates the gallery around it with geometric forms that draw their inspiration from the intersections of culture and religion. [Read more...]


This Small Cabin Looks Like a Stack of Wood

Tuesday 01.14.2014 , Posted by
Mobiles Blockhaus-Buero | log house office on wheels

Mobiles Blockhaus-Buero | log house office on wheels

From across a snowy field it just looks like a perfect stack of firewood, but don’t light those logs on fire. It’s actually a small cabin designed by Piet Hein Eek for Dutch pianist and comedian Hans Liberg (the fellow in the pictures). With an exterior made of round wood ends and an interior of wood and plastic on a steel frame, its a uniquely camouflaged building that could easily be overlooked – that is, until its sweeping panoramic windows are opened. [Read more...]


Graffiti Inspired Portrait Paintings by Rowan Newton

Monday 04.15.2013 , Posted by

Rowan Newton 1

With vibrant color splashes, drips, and splotches, Rowan Newton creates paintings as gorgeous as they are colorful. The UK-based artist has been drawn to street art since he was a young boy growing up in the city of Brixton. Much like graffiti artists transform unlikely spaces into art, he likes to use wood or cardboard as the canvas for his paintings, and stylizes them in a similar fashion.
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Painting with Fire: Stunning Pyrography Pieces

Thursday 03.21.2013 , Posted by


Born and raised in the peaceful city of Boulder, Colorado with amazing mountain views, Melanie Steinway developed a passion for nature, music, and animals. She moved to the East Coast to attend the Rhode Island School of Design where she got her BFA in Illustration last year and discovered the art of pyrography. Using various types of wood, a woodburning tool, wood stain, and paint she creates unique images that incorporate the knots and the swirls of the wood, retaining its integrity. She currently lives in NYC where she makes art and music for her band Howl Moonshine Howl.
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Insanely Realistic Wooden Accessories

Monday 02.18.2013 , Posted by


Using about 100 different chisels and an old wooden hammer which is dated 1964, Venetian artist Livio De Marchi creates everything imaginable out of wood. Nothing is too delicate or frilly for this craftsman who takes wooden sculpting to a whole new level. He has created entire rooms with furniture, light fixtures, books, table settings, and nicknacks chiseled from wood. He even floats through the canals of Venice in the Ferrari F50 replica he made out of wood (it also has an engine not made of wood). Perhaps the most impressive pieces in his collection are the ones in which he makes wood look soft- clothing, undergarments, even a cushy sofa. [Read more...]


Below the Boat: Underwater Topo Maps Made of Wood

Saturday 01.05.2013 , Posted by

Below the Boat 8

There are few things more interesting to study than a good map… add some detail to it in the form of topographical data, and you could have the people here at Visual News obsessed for hours. The maps we bring you here have one added ingredient: a healthy dose of artisan beauty. Made by Bellingham, Washington based chart purveyor Below the Boat, each of their many map designs detail the underwater features of famous bodies of water by laser cutting and layering pieces of wood. [Read more...]


A Colorful Touch: Installations by Michael McGillis

Friday 11.23.2012 , Posted by

A low curving stack of wood rises out of the grass, not drawing much attention from a distance. On closer inspection however, viewers are given an eye pleasing explosion of color – in the center of the stack is a precisely cut path which descends into the ground, the end of each log painted in brilliant purple. [Read more...]

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