Painting with Fire: Stunning Pyrography Pieces


Born and raised in the peaceful city of Boulder, Colorado with amazing mountain views, Melanie Steinway developed a passion for nature, music, and animals. She moved to the East Coast to attend the Rhode Island School of Design where she got her BFA in Illustration last year and discovered the art of pyrography. Using various types of wood, a woodburning tool, wood stain, and paint she creates unique images that incorporate the knots and the swirls of the wood, retaining its integrity. She currently lives in NYC where she makes art and music for her band Howl Moonshine Howl.

Artist Transforms Whales Into Transportation Devices

1  Roland Tamayo

Just about everyone has dreamed of how amazing it would be to ride on a bird’s back and fly through the sky, but that’s just not realistic…birds are too small. Whales, however, are enormous- some bigger than semi-trucks, so if we could turn their blowholes into steam pipes or attach sails to their backs, they would be the perfect fantasy ride through the sky. LA-based artist Roland Tamayo demonstrates what this might look like in a surreal series of whale art. The former concept artist in the gaming industry shifted gears to work on fine art and freelance work after the birth of his twin sons.

The Secret to a Sound Ocean

Acoustics mean different things to different species. As humans, we need sound to hear our favorite music, the roar of the crowd (insert activity here), and sirens so we don’t get flattened by a firetruck or freight train. While hearing is an enjoyable part of living a fulfilled life, we can get by without it. Whales on the other hand, have a harder time. Whales are auditory creatures, meaning hearing is essential to their communication, navigation, feeding, and breeding. Imagine if we couldn’t hear then we couldn’t breed? I’d rather go blind.