A New Way to Experience Your Personal DJ from Paris (and Other World Cities)


In a world filled with choices, curation is the key to finding the good stuff. That’s the idea behind 22tracks, and it’s keeping it local too. 22 DJs from the cities of Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Paris (so far) are dropping local knowledge about the hottest 22 tracks of the moment from their genre of expertise – from hip hop and jazz, to electronica and pop. It’s a superb way to hear the best of good music, and discover new tracks you haven’t heard before. Now 22tracks has teamed up with Internet Explorer to completely rethink the way we experience them on the web, in an entirely beautiful way.

Visualizing the Intertwined Categories on Reddit

Subreddits w

The continuously growing community of Reddit, with over 3 billion page views per month, has something for everyone. But how exactly does one subreddit link to the next? In this amazing interactive visualization by Andrei Kashcha each dot represents a subreddit and each link reveals a references to other subreddits in that category’s about section. The visualization shows the magnitude of what a gigantic web the site has become and can also help you navigate the overwhelming network to find the categories right for you.

Movie Galaxies: Tracing the Social Networks in Movies

You know those movie discussions you have with friends – the ones that last for hours, tracing the connections between characters from complex movies like the Godfather, Casino or Twin Peaks? Well, imagine if that conversation could be translated into a star chart like galaxy, drawing each social connection as a line between each character. What you’d have is something which looks a lot like the clever site MovieGalaxies.

Wikipedia Redefined and Redesigned

Wikipedia: it’s the new standard for what an encyclopedia should be: constantly evolving and up to date, editable by the people who often know best (us), available to just about everyone with a computer, and readable in just about every language. The website has literally changed the way the world looks at reliable, open-source information. But, for all its outstanding qualities, it’s seriously lacking in one important aspect: design.

How Your Favorite Sites Are Using Your Data

The rise of social sharing sites has brought about an interesting change in how our data is being used. All of the different sites you frequent on a daily basis are actively gathering facts about you. You may have noticed that when you were searching for a perfect new summer tank top on Urban Outfitters, that when you left to check other websites those same tank tops started following you in ads on those new sites. Social networks are betting on a future built on a personalized web, an Internet paradise filled with items the virtual you will be more apt to share, pin, tweet, or “like.”

The Case For Facebook: Its Effects on Work Productivity

Social media has become an ever increasing part of our lives over the past few years. Five years ago Facebook was just a place to connect with friends you knew and foster relationships with new ones. Today, everyone and their mother (grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousins, and cat) are on Facebook; so it’s no surprise employees are going on social networks, and even browsing them in the office. The corporate debate over allowing employees to partake in these activities during work hours is a controversial one.

Things People Don’t Say About Web Apps

Aren’t you just thrilled about updating your banking security question? Wait, didn’t you just do that last time you logged in? These clever images by the site Things Real People Don’t Say About Your App, sarcastically put it all in perspective. Check out the site for frequent updates that really drive the point home… and don’t worry, you won’t be asked a security question.