HTML5 Experiments by Form Follows Function

Form Follows Function 2

HTML5 is quickly revolutionizing the way we use the internet, giving us both a beautifully performing and beautifully useful web experience. From pages with details that overlap as you scroll to visualizations which play music you control, it is making the internet as we know it, a far more user friendly place to be. Now Jongmin Kim of Form Follows Function is creating a series of 20 visualizations using the new edition of the web standard… and they are seriously fun to play with.

Wikipedia Redefined and Redesigned

Wikipedia: it’s the new standard for what an encyclopedia should be: constantly evolving and up to date, editable by the people who often know best (us), available to just about everyone with a computer, and readable in just about every language. The website has literally changed the way the world looks at reliable, open-source information. But, for all its outstanding qualities, it’s seriously lacking in one important aspect: design.

Quirky Characters with a Lot of Charm

When it comes to inventive character design, from robot-like people with antlers to squiggly squidboys, Harry Nesbitt has serious game. His figures pop off the page with loads of endearing, quirky personality, all while creating solid identities for his clients. As far as his craft is concerned, one word comes to mind: polished. His crisp, line heavy illustration style is perfect for web based media, garnering him a lot of praise and some seriously cool clients in recent years.

Creating Graphics for the New York Times

What is the most effective, clear way to share information? For many today, the answer is infographics. In this short interview, New York Times Graphics Director Steven Duenes and Graphics Editor Archie Tse discuss what goes into making a good, quick and concise visualization of data and what communicates best to their readers.

For many of the best New York Times infographics on everything from entertainment to social studies, check out their post here.