We Love Friday!- Free Falling: An Homage to Bungee Jumping


The first modern bungee jump with elastic materials was carried out by Oxford University students dressed in top hats and tails at the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol as an April Fool’s Day prank in 1979. They were members of the university’s “Dangerous Sports Club” and were arrested immediately after they resurged from the plunge. Today the sport has become very popular all over the world and with only a 1 in 500,000 chance of death, it is one of the least dangerous of the extreme sports. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the highest commercial bungee jump is off the Macau Tower(764ft) in China where jumpers experience four to five seconds of free fall at up to 125mph. If jumping off of a bridge or typical run of the mill bungee jumping isn’t adventurous enough for you and you can spare $10,000, you can jump off a helicopter into the mouth of an active Andean volcano in Pucon, Chile! (Telegraph) To celebrate the bravery of those entrusting their lives to a giant rubber band, we searched Instagram for this awesome collection of bungee pics!

We Love Friday!- Burning Man on Instagram: Highlights From the Playa


This year an estimated 61,000 humans gathered to build a utopian community in the middle of a desert for a week, leaving no trace of their transformative experience behind. Black Rock City, Nevada is a land of radical self-expression and radical self-reliance that thrives on a gift economy, where logos and monetary exchange are prohibited (ice and coffee are the only items sold). For the first time in 5 years, sadly I was not a part of the festivities, but I was there in spirit. Burning Man is an experience that stays with you wherever you are, but nothing beats a re-charging week on the Playa. With the extra-terrestrial theme Cargo Cult, Burning Man 2013’s creative community brought beautiful art structures and installations into the world, many of which were ceremoniously burned as the week went on. Although it is hard to capture the surreal experience of this magical wonderland, we searched Instagram to bring you some of the photos that best demonstrate the essence of life on the Playa.

We Love Friday!- How It Feels to Fly- Ziplining Around the World


Imagine being a bird, soaring through the air. Humans have dreamed of having this super power for as long as they have co-existed with birds and we have found many ways to simulate the experience. Zip-lining is one of these techniques and quickly becoming a popular vacation excursion. From the rain forests to the beaches, mountains, and cities zip-lining is a thrill seeker’s way to explore a destination the way a bird would see it. To celebrate this fun frenzy, we searched Instagram for some adventurous images of zip-liners around the world. The fastest known zip-line is in the United Kingdom in Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda, Wales at Zip World. It measures 0.99 miles long and claims to reach speeds of 99 mph. The award for steepest, tallest, and longest zipline goes to the ZipFlyer Nepal at HighGround Adventures. It is 1.12 miles long with a vertical drop of 2,000ft and goes 75 mph at top speed.

We Love Friday!- Back to School: Cozy Dorm Rooms


Knowing that my little sister has started her first year of college is making me feel really old. I still remember moving into my first dorm room like it was only yesterday. I long for the days of Facebook feeds filled with solo cups and dormitory shenanigans rather than weddings and babies. I feel like grabbing her by the face, Billy Madison style, and yelling “Stay here. Stay here as long as you can. For the love of God, cherish it. You have to cherish it.” Although girls tend to be the only ones who care what their dorm room looks like, Pinterest seems to have upped the creativity in dormitory decor. This week we searched Instagram to bring you some of the clever ways college students are sprucing up their temporary homes.

We Love Friday! – Climbing to New Heights: Fearless Rock Climbers


In his hilarious book, Stuff White People Like: A Definitive Guide to the Unique Taste of Millions Christian Lander wrote, “White people love rock climbing almost more than they love camping. This is because the activity affords them the opportunity to be outside, to use a carabiner for something other than their keys, and to purchase a whole new set of expensive activity-specific clothing and accessories.” I think there’s a little more to it than that- the sense of accomplishment and amazing view are a pretty big factor, but a funny generalization nonetheless. To celebrate this extreme sport that is quickly climbing to the top of many peoples’ lists of hobbies, we searched Instagram for this collection of photos that will make you want to join in on the fun.

We Love Friday!- Flying High Through The Sky: The Wonderful World of Skydiving


“If riding in an airplane is flying, then riding in a boat is swimming. If you want to experience the element, then get out of the vehicle.” (Anonymous) It’s a strange thing that the closer an experience is to death, the more alive it makes you feel. Skydiving is one of those things. I have not found a single thing more exhilarating than that amazing feeling after the airplane doors open and the cold air rushes toward your face and you look down to see the tiny world beneath you as you plummet towards the ground. The chute opens and fear melts away as you gently sail to a safe landing, but the natural high lasts for hours after you hit the ground. Something magical happens along that 15,000 feet journey that quickly puts life in perspective and returns you to the land with a new sense of clarity.

We Love Friday! – Get Into the Groove and Dance


Although it’s rare for me to dance in public (unless I’ve had a few drinks), I love to dance when I’m alone, while singing at the top of my lungs! I’ve always been in awe when I get the opportunity to watch people who can really dance- not even necessarily skilled dancers with years of practice, but the ones who are truly free- letting go of everything and allowing the music take them away. The most amazing thing about dancing is that we are all born to do it- ask any baby to dance and you will see- but many of us tell ourselves we can’t so much that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. In an amazing, energetic Black Rock City TedX talk called Tending the Sacred Fire, Shiva Rea talks about the history of dance, and how to get back to our natural dancing roots. To celebrate one of the most amazing parts of being human, we searched Instagram for this collection of pictures and videos that will make you want to get out on the dance floor!

We Love Friday!- Rainy Days


Rain can be a beautiful thing, bringing in a nice breeze after steamy hot weather, giving life to thirsty plants, and making for some seriously romantic movie scenes- i.e. The Notebook. You can’t stop the rain, but you can choose to let it get you down or embrace it. Roger Miller said it best: “Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” Rain brings flowers and rainbows, just like adversity brings strength and the ability to have gratitude when things are going well. Rain gives us an excuse to slow down and curl up with a book or watch the storm from the safety of our homes. So let it rain- and enjoy this collection of picturesque rain photos from Instagram.

We Love Friday! Cacti, the Gems of the Desert


Even in the roughest of conditions, life finds a way to survive- as evidenced by the cactus! This beautiful desert plant has saved many lives of both humans and animals with its amazing water storage abilities. Rather than leaves, a cactus has spines, reserving all of its water in a viscous gel form in the stem. Cacti can survive long periods without rain because their extensive, long root systems extract water from the soil. Some cactus flowers open only in the daylight, others just at sunset, to attract insects and hummingbirds for pollination. (source) To celebrate cacti and all their beauty, we searched Instagram for this lovely collection of cactus flowers and prickly stems.

We Love Friday!- Stars, Stripes, & Celebration


The wise Abraham Lincoln once said, “I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.” All over the USA, people are showing their patriotism, celebrating their freedom, and probably eating and drinking way too much! However you celebrate- with family and friends, fireworks, parties, or just enjoying the days off of work, find time to think about what this holiday is about and be grateful for how fortunate you are. If you want to really open your eyes as to how lucky you are, try entering your income into this Global Wealth Calculator. If you make $24,000/year, you are among the top 2% richest people in the world! To see how people all over the US spent their 4th of July, we searched Instagram for this collection of people with true American spirit!