Wave Sculptures Frozen on the Wall

Waves influence every aspect of our lives – whether they are part of the electromagnetic spectrum (light, radio, heat), sonic vibration in the form of sound waves, or quiet ripples on the water in our kitchen sink. Italian artist Loris Cecchini is taking the form of those waves – something often invisible to the naked eye – and making them visible in his sculptural series Wallvave Vibration.

The Best Surf Photography of 2012


If you love surfing, then I’m sure you’ve heard of The Inertia. The online network is a collaboration of the global surf community’s most prominent people in conjunction with partnerships from amazing organizations like The Surfrider Foundation, Save The Waves Coalition, WiLDCOAST, Surfers for Cetaceans, and The Surf Resource Network. The site features news, commentary, photography, and art and has grown immensely since it’s beginning 2 years ago. In a recent post, they sifted through all of the awesome photo submissions to bring us the highlights this year. Here we’ve provided a small sample, so be sure to head over to Inertia for the full gallery then you can subscribe or get involved with the incredible team.

Visual Bits #224> An Eclectic Nature

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