8-Bit Watercolors of Famous Paintings

Somewhere in an alternate universe, the 8-bit graphics from old Nintendo and Atari games are meeting up with classic painters… or maybe that universe is right here. Adam Lister creates incredible reinterpretations of famous paintings, painters, pop icons and art world events using watercolors sectioned into distinctly retro digital forms. It’s a fun and revealing way to view the classics.

Flashy Cars in Splashes of Colorful Marker

Who loves flashy cars and markers? Claeys Jelle is bringing these two friends together in magical ways. His renditions of lowered BMWs, speeding Porsches and classic V-dubs, are completely popping with color and a lot of splashes around the bodywork too. He’s even managed to include that Alfa Romeo Junior I’ve been lusting after. I like it.

The Cotton Candy Teenage Dream Paintings of Wishcandy

LA based artist Wishcandy, or Sashiko Yuen, is a mad nomad whose work looks like cotton candy teenage dreams. The thing about these dreams, is that they originate from a subconscious full of compassion, eroticism, violence, and the search of true freedom. Wishcandy takes the traditional pinup and infuses her own style and technique to create rad retro-culture beauties… with a mad dose of rebellion.

Leanne Shapton Recreates Iconic Film Moments with Watercolor in “Sunday Night Movies”


Sometimes learning the back story of a piece of art can be disappointing to the viewer, but Leanne Shapton’s explanation behind her new book “Sunday Night Movies” is completely satisfying.

“Sunday Night Movies” is a compilation of watercolor paintings Shapton created as part of a larger series “A Month of…” back in 2011. In a piece for the New Yorker, Shapton explained how the series only made sense to her really after she stepped back and viewed it after.

Trippy Paintings on the Pages of Books

1 doctorlinguini

Why buy expensive art paper or canvas when you can make amazing art on the pages of an old book? That seems to be the motto of deviantARTist CaptainWheeler. She purchased an old cooking dictionary at a garage sale for fifty cents and has plans of creating art on the pages of this and other repurposed books all summer long. The self-described “lame-o/art school loser” is way too hard on herself with this incredible talent. Her paintings- done in watercolors, acrylic, and ink feature creative imaginings way beyond her years. Her aesthetic is dark, yet calming, and sometimes hilarious.

Fanciful Animal Watercolors with Landscapes Inside

animal paintings watercolors Daniel Mackie 3

When we were children the world held an amazing amount of magic for us in each day. With open eyes we observed things we couldn’t yet comprehend, and perhaps because of that, we could appreciate it even more. Watercolor artist and illustrator Daniel Mackie’s fanciful animal illustrations remind me of those times of wonder, filling his unique creatures with the wild, colorful habitats they would occupy in an imaginative and wondering mind.

Watercolor Artist Seeks to Help the Poor With Her Art


Andrea Krook is an aspiring watercolor artist with a tender heart. Focused on serving those with the greatest need, she has served as a “child-ambassador” for the global relief and development organization World Vision. Based in Seattle, Andrea paints what is most dear to her.

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