14,000 Square Foot warehouse becomes “FreeSpace” in San Francisco

FreeSpace 5

San Francisco has always been a city that has attracted the hearts of pioneers and the dreamers. From the Gold Rush to the tech booms, brilliant minds have floated to the “city by the bay.” In recent years though, it has become so popular with people that many of the older art districts that existed have become gentrified, apartments are hard to come by and it was recently named the most expensive city in the United States to live in, surpassing New York City.

Yet, with all the developments and excitements revolving around the city, there are still a good many creative spirits and innovation is sipped everyday on the streets. Mike Zuckerman, who is the director of sustainability for the Zen Compound, was able to secure a $1 month long lease on a 14,000 square foot warehouse in the middle of the city. The purpose of the lease is to have a month long experiment in civic hacking and bring anyone in the community of San Francisco together to participate in what is called “Freespace.”

A Sneak Peak Behind Amazon’s Warehouse Doors

As you sit at your computer to do your one click shopping on amazon.com, the one stop shop for everything from clothes, to books, to food, to electronics, and everything in between, did you ever stop to wonder what happens in between that final checkout click and the package arriving on your front door step? These pictures offer an inside peak at a some of the 80 fulfillment warehouses that keep the largest online retailer moving forward. Amazingly no robots are involved in the location of merchandise, just regular human beings armed with handy barcode scanners.