How Scotland Voted, Council by Council

It’s official, the Scottish have chosen to stay with the United Kingdom after the historic vote on September 18th. Just how close was the decision? A margin of 55% voted to stay with the UK, while 45% voted for Scottish independence, with a large 85% of voters turning out. It was a decisive victory for those wanting to retain the connection to England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and as this map from The Economist details, most of Scotland’s 32 councils supported the No vote.

Visual Bits #307 > The Old And The New: Election 2012

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Early voting photos of Americas Election Day

Today is a big day for America. Happening every four years, a Presidential election brings out the good, the bad and the ugly in conversations and daily life. In addition to the election of President, there are numerous propositions in various states on the ballot this year that are addressing key issues such as the death penalty, marriage and the environment.

Eyeing Justice: Social Justice in Saudi Arabia

Social justice is brewing in Saudi Arabia. With the recent news that Saudi women may get the right to vote and with the sentence of lashing for the act of driving being revoked by King Abdullah, I thought a piece regarding women’s rights in Saudi Arabia would be pertinent. Titled, Eyeing Justice, the woman in the piece has the reflection of the scales of justice in her eyes.