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Visualizing The Top Secret Network of Government

Monday 09.05.2011 , Posted by

“You think you know America, but you don’t know Top Secret America,” says this new interactive visualization by The Washington Post. According to the investigative piece, following the events of 9/11 the U.S. created a fourth branch of government far more secretive and unaccountable than the well known Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. Where is this third branch? All around us. Since September 11th, nearly 1000 counter terrorism organizations alone have been added all around the country. Who and where are they? This in depth piece allows us to investigate locations by zip code, see the connections between different organizations and even find the independent companies that are contracted with the government.

The questions posed: are all these measures worth the cost both financially and socially? Click here to explore. [Read more…]


The Deadliest Disease Outbreaks Visualized

Wednesday 08.24.2011 , Posted by

If we were to look up into the branches of our ancient family tree, many of us would see limbs from our past that ended prematurely in the huge pandemics which have swept the world. In my tree for example, two relatives on oposite American coasts died of Spanish Flu in the same year.

Created in a collaboration between GOOD and Column Five, this graphic details the ten deadliest pandemics both past and present, with a key explaining normal symptoms, estimated death tolls and the years they ravaged the world. If that sounds bleak, just make sure you notice how many of these global crisis’ have been cured in just the last century. What cures will the future hold? [Read more…]


Interactive: 30 Years of the Space Shuttle

Tuesday 07.05.2011 , Posted by

After an honorable 30 years of exploration and innovation, the space shuttle program is sadly rolling to a close. With a program ending final launch by the shuttle Atlantis just days away, The New York Times has put together an information rich, interactive infographic detailing the history of each and every one of the 135 missions made by the behemoth spacecraft. Bid the program a fond farewell by taking a closer look on, then catch the final launch on July 8th at [Read more…]


Visualized: The Great Toilet Paper Debate

Monday 06.27.2011 , Posted by

Ever since its invention in 1879, the manufacturers of rolled toilet paper have left one critical point of design up to consumers: on which side should the loose end of the toilet paper fall? For some, arguing about the fluffy white product is a silly debate but for others it’s a heated source of contention with house mates. This infographic, created by gets to the center of the situation with a witty and surprisingly informative look at the history and even well thought out science behind how you place your toilet paper. Who knew Ann Landers was so passionate about toilet paper orientation or the topics article on Wikipedia was so in depth? [Read more…]


The Complex World of Microsoft Acquisitions

Wednesday 06.01.2011 , Posted by

Looking like a fantastically complex version of the London Underground map, this information rich graphic details the many acquisitions and investments of the behemoth Microsoft corporation. At first glance it is quickly apparent that the multi-faceted company has its hands in just about every sector of business, and with the recent $8.5 billion purchase of Skype, their influence is only expanding. [Read more…]


Journey Of The Fellowship: A Visualization

Thursday 05.12.2011 , Posted by

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is an epic undertaking in the fight for the Ring; the One Ring that rules them all. The Fellowship’s members were an unlikely mix of hobbits, men, an elf and a dwarf; who bravely undertook the perilous mission of traveling to Mordor — evil lair of Sauron — to cast the One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom and be destroyed forever.

The brave members of the Fellowship faced insurmountable obstacles; Nazgûls, hordes of gruesome Orcs and battles of epic proportions. Graphic designer JT Fridsma chose to synthesize which characters are with each other, where they are geographically on a time line and to highlight major events in the plot along the way. Check out his amazing work below, and check out his website for prints, which he hopes to have available soon. [Read more…]


Iraq War Casualties: Pixelated

Thursday 05.05.2011 , Posted by

Kamel Makhloufi created this simple yet stunning visualization of Iraq war casualties using just pixels to represent deaths. Looking like the defragmentation of a hard-drive, the image is split between a representation of casualties by volume (left) and one showing casualties over time (right). Casualty types are broken down into four different colors: blue represents “friendly,” green denotes “hosts,” orange “civilians” and grey “enemies.” Based upon data released by Wikileaks as reported by the Guardian, the sobering reproduction of the data speaks volumes and patterns begin to reveal themselves. [Read more…]


Geographic Awareness of Cancer in the US

Tuesday 05.03.2011 , Posted by

With ever increasing rates of cancer in the world, there are very few people who’s lives have not been affected by the disease. This powerful new interactive graphic, Geographic Awareness of Cancer, is a great way to see how your area of the US is being affected. The graphic displays the percentage by county of major cancer types and related factors such as the percentage of obesity and smoking in the area. [Read more…]


Revealed: A First View Inside HIV

Thursday 02.24.2011 , Posted by

Peering into a mysterious and tiny world for the first time, a team from Visual Science has given us a new and revealing look inside HIV. Lead by Ivan Konstantinov, the group has built the most detailed 3D model of the virus to date. To create the image, the team consulted over 100 leading science journals and then reconstructed viral proteins from x-ray images. With this information in hand, their team of 3D graphics designers were able to create an accurate and detailed image in about 3 months. [Read more…]


Visual Bits #1 > First of a Sparkling Daily Series

Friday 02.11.2011 , Posted by

Here at Visual News we dig up tasty internet gems on a daily basis and because we can’t keep a good thing secret we’re starting a daily series where we send a few tasty links your way. Some gems will be giant illustration ruby’s, some video diamond dust and others just shiny bits to entertain. Enjoy!

[Read more…]

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