The March of Progress Re-imagined

The original “March of Progress” image is one of the best known scientific illustrations in the world and is remixing it, 2012-style, 99 times over. The 99 Steps of Progress, coming out of the Paris based artist collective Maentis, is a release of 99 re-imagined versions over the course of the next 99 days. Their on-going project is unfolding now on their blog

Punchy, Paper Cut Action Silhouettes

From scenes of western bar brawls to trigger-happy zombie hunters delivering headshots, the silhouette art of David Reeves covers broad-spectrum action scenes. Halifax-based artist / designer / photographer David Reeves re-creates action landscapes borrowed from movies and video games using paper, an x-acto knife, some clever lighting techniques and his trusty Cannon camera.

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The Sound of Jelly

Noisy Jelly

Have you ever wondered what sound jelly makes? Well, now there is a kit that provides you with all the right materials to discover exactly that. The world needs to give a big thanks to Raphaël Pluvinage and Marianne Cauvard for creating the game, Noisy Jelly. Arguably the most fun combo ever, this musical jelly chemistry lab is something that needs to be experienced first-hand to get the full effect. Even though there are children playing with it in the video, you better believe this is a game for all ages.

Been Everywhere: Johnny Cash Inspired Luggage Labels

Ongoing design projects have been all the rage lately amongst the design community, and this luggage label project in particular has been getting a lot of viewers and designers very excited. The Been Everywhere Project was born out of graphic designer and illustrator, Adrian Walsh‘s, love for Johnny Cash’s music. After hearing the song “I’ve Been Everywhere” in his music queue, he came up with the brilliant idea of creating a project where he would invite talented artists to take part and design luggage labels for each of the 92 locations Cash mentions in the song. Once the project started, just as Walsh had hoped, designers began choosing places that meant something to them personally. Whether it was where they grew up, had family, visited, etc., each label so far has been very unique and meaningful.

The Pattern in Weather Patterns

While everyone else uses the weather as small talk, one design agency decided to turn the topic into an artistic data visualization. CLEVER°FRANKE, a design agency located in the Netherlands, used a year’s worth of weather pattern data and visualized it. What they found were interesting patterns in something we all experience the effects of every day, but which we don’t usually notice. If someone didn’t take the time to visualize it, we would never see these interesting patterns.

The Say Something Poster Project

If you had the opportunity to say one thing to the next generation of youth, what would you say? The Say Something Poster Project has invited artists to do just that in the form of a poster, one that they will then donate to a non-profit organization to hang on their facility walls.

Bauhaus’s Intuitive Chess Set

If you have ever failed to remember a chess piece’s playing direction, then this is the chessboard for you. Designed by Bauhaus sculptor Josef Hartwig in 1923, the set’s pieces are formed to represent their particular function. This was accomplished by reducing the traditional shapes of the pieces into simple shapes, such as circles, crosses and squares.

The Ray Gun Reinvented in 52 Weeks

Graphic artist, Alex Griendling says about himself that he “likes to design things”… That is an understatement, not to mention that anyone could say that about himself, but Alex is really good at it. I mean really good… like awesome. This isn’t just some guy who plays around with the idea of being a designer: Griendling has designed countless posters for current and popular films and TV. He has dappled in freelance design, and is now working for Google’s design team.

Detailed Beauty: Hand Drawn Data Analysis

Stefanie Posavec is one unique and extremely talented designer. Her personal works focus on some very unusual subjects too, analyzing the structure of books or mathematical division, and most unusually doing much of the work by hand with pen and paper. The more one knows about her complex projects, the more interesting and beautiful they become