Cosmic Paintings From The Beautiful Mind of Lisete Alcade

In dreams, meditations, or vision quests, some people can see beyond the reality where most people dwell, but very few can reproduce those visions in a way that can be shared with others. Lisete Alcade is one of the exceptions. Painting with brushes, as well as her fingertips and the palms of her hands, she creates beautiful, detailed works with powerful themes.

Growing up in Mexico, with spiritual parents involved in alternative medicine practices, she was always encouraged to follow her heart. After a soul searching trip, when she was 19, Lisete realized that painting was her true passion in life. She has been focused on using her art to bring inspiration and awareness throughout the world ever since. Now 33, she lives in Brooklyn, New York where she has painted beautiful murals on buildings and contributed many works to the urban art scene.

Get Lost In The Never-Ending Details Of A Joshua Mays Mural

In the next couple of months, a few of Oakland’s buildings will be getting a beautiful face lift. Talented painter, artist, and muralist Joshua Mays will be working on a series of 4 murals which he calls BEACON and hopes to finish by October 1st, 2014. In his signature dreamlike style, with soft colors, rich details, and luscious layers ripe with feminine energy, Mays will transform old buildings into conversation pieces. From his drawings to his paintings and especially his murals, there is so much to see that even after 10 minutes of deep stares, you can still discover new things. Mays also has murals up in Philadelphia, Denver, Washington D.C., Portland, and Mexico City.

Not Your Average Rock Wall: Stunning Mosaic Murals Made of Stones

Partners in life and business, Andreas Kunert and Naomi Zettl have divinely combined their artistic talents and passions to create the most awe-inspiring arrangements of pebbles, stones, and other organic accents. The visionary artists are attuned to the natural flow of life and are guided to place each rock in the perfect position to make the most beautiful mosaic murals. Through their company, Ancient Art of Stone, they take on commissioned projects for interior and exterior designs.

Awesome Album Art Shows An Out of Body Meditation Experience

Through the practice of meditation, especially in sensory deprivation tanks, people can achieve psychedelic, out of body experiences. Australian artist Lewis Smart depicts this in a unique bird’s eye view of a person meditating. The digital illustration was created as an album cover for the psychedelic downtempo duo Mental Extensions for their album Inner Reality. Smart came up with the idea for the image while doing a visual meditation exercise himself, in which he tried to imagine the entire room at once. The meditating person and the room are based on him self. The other two backgrounds are imaginary.

Evolve: Amazing Animation Made From Paint

Based in Trinidad, Annelie Solis expresses her truth on the canvas. Painting spiritual visions of awakening and awareness this young artist is wise beyond her years. She paints from her heart- the visions that come to her when her mind is most clear. A visionary painter, Solis’ works share a common theme of opening our third eyes and perceive more than the sensory world.

Solis explains:

Art is more than visually pleasing images. Art speaks to the subconscious mind in a language the conscious mind does not understand – indeed does not even hear. In this way artists have unimaginable power. It is this understanding that guides my current work.

Check out her amazing video below, then see more work by Annelie Solis on Tumblr, make a purchase on Society6, and follow her on Facebook.

Below you will find Annelie paintings and click here for an audio interview with her.

2 Annelie Soils

Visionary Art from the Amazon Jungle

Although similar techniques have been achieved in the digital realm, Luis Tamani Amasifuen’s works are all hand painted. From the jungle of Pucallpa, Peru, Amasifuen creates beautiful paintings from his shamanistic visions. A graduate of the Escuela Superior de Formacion Artistica Eduardo Meza Saravia, his works are rich in vibrant colors and fractal details with a mythical, spiritual vibe and a theme of rainforest protection and conservation. His works were exhibited at Festival Amo Amazonia in Trapoto 2010.

Psychedelic Creature Portraits Drawn With Intricate, Overlapping Lines of Colored Pen


When looking at illustrations by Korean visual artist Mossi, I am reminded of Spirograph designs, but peering from beneath the geometric patterns are the eyes of mysterious creatures. More impressive than the depth and detail of each psychedelic portrait is the fact that each was drawn freestyle, by hand using colored pen and ballpoint pen. The intricate strokes were meticulously overlapped to give off a level of brilliance that is easy to get lost in.

Harmonic Images of Life and Consciousness

1 Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado Art

Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado is definitely tapping into something. His visionary paintings capture the harmony of the universe with mosaic like geometric shapes and vibrant colors. His unique style of oil painting on canvas invites the viewer to enter a new dimension. Based in Torreon, Mexico, Calzado studied Graphic Design in ISCYTAC- La Salle and furthered his studies at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. He has worked in the arts throughout his career in all areas, especially theater where he acted, did scene design and costuming.

Happy, Loving, Passionate Art by Natitota

1 Natitota

Born in the beautiful “city of eternal springtime,” Medellín Colombia, Natitota embraced the vibrant colors, people, and music that surrounded her. She expresses her vision of the magnificence of nature and love that she has experienced through her paintbrush in a unique style that vibrates with energy. Natitota has traveled the world and stayed in some of the most breathtaking places. She finds inspiration in the scenery, then, she explains, “I do everything that charges me with positive energy and then I express it all through colors and shapes in my paintings. My objective is to spread the wings of my heart to share Natitota’s love, joy and passion with the World.” Learn more about Natitota in our interview after the jump.

Visionary Revelations by Amanda Sage

1 Amanda Sage

I was absolutely enthralled with the works of Amanda Sage at Burning Man’s Fractal Nation gallery, where I spent much of my time that week. Some of her paintings felt like images lifted from my thoughts and dreams. A few days after I first saw her work, I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda Sage and sharing our visions, which turned out to be very similar. Using the internet she has connected with like-minded artists involved in the growing visionary movement all around the globe. She shares her gift with others through teaching in a five day intensive called ‘Painting with Light’, which she has held in Colorado, Chicago, and Vienna.