The Way to Space: Images of America’s First Spaceport

Spaceport America, the first hub of Richard Branson’s impressive Virgin Galactic, includes basic operational infrastructure such as an airfield, launch pads, terminal / hangar facility, emergency response capabilities, utilities and roadways. The site will be capable of accommodating the activities of both vertical and horizontal takeoff space launch vehicles, serving as the base for pre-flight and post-flight activities, and providing a tourism experience for interested visitors and spectators.

Watch out Cameron, Virgin’s Sub is right behind you.


A few weeks ago James Cameron made a record breaking submarine descent to the bottom of the Challenger Deep—the deepest point of the ocean here on planet earth.  His sub collected samples and filmed video, a first for any dive to those depths. Nipping at his heels is billionaire Richard Branson with his Virgin Oceanic project.  Since Cameron is quickly on his way to the billionaires club with recent revenues from Avatar and the re-release of Titanic, it seems only proper that Branson give Cameron a run for his money.