Visual Bits # 455 > Live Long & Prosper: Vintage Photos

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Then & Now- Famous Face Mash-ups

Marc Ghali- 1 - O:X

They say history tends to repeat itself and apparently the saying extends to the looks of those making history as well. From Hollywood heart-throbs and singers to princesses and civil rights leaders, Marc Ghali has found the perfect pairings from then and now. The Toronto-based graphic designer has combined the faces of two similar figures in the public eye decades later.

Visual Bits #453 > Paper Art And Other Creative Works

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Julien Pacaud Welcomes You to the Future, Yesterday!

Julien Pacaud Art and Illustration 1

Taking his digital scalpel and slicing into the past, French artist/illustrator Julien Pacaud rearranges history in what can be simultaneously realistic and surreal terms. His work, full of retro characters from the 20th century, sees our world remixed into technicolor landscapes on a grand scale of time and measurement. Here is a place where our past utopian dreams are played out in farcical fashion, laying open the soul of our society and cleverly pointing out our strengths and shortcomings.

Visual Bits # 448 > Beauty In Black & White: Old Photos

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Monolithic Typography in Vintage Collage Worlds


In Space Relationship, huge typographical forms rise from the grounds of vintage structures, dwarfing often famous locations with bold and mysterious messages: INTERVAL, LARGE, FRONT, DISCONTINUITY. The scenes themselves blend together imagery from vintage postcards and photography into a collage of impossibly scaled worlds – bridges, mountains, boats and rivers are all dwarfed by ornate victorian ceilings which tower above the foreground, enclosing the scene with a grandeur more architectural than natural. These infinitely explorable images are the work of French illustrator and graphic designer Stéphane Massa-Bidal aka Rétrofuturs.

Visual Bits #433 > The Tall And Short Of It: Vintage Times

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1950’s Disney Live Models Combined with Cartoon

Sleeping Beauty

Long before computer animation, in the old, magical, early days of Disney, animators used a rotoscope to draw over live-action film. Frame by frame, the artists would trace over the actors and actresses that enacted each scene. Retronaut dug up some of these old images from Disney movies and it’s amazing to see the actresses that played our beloved princesses like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. Disney was ahead of the trend, slimming down the waists of the models for the animated version, like the magazines now do regularly with Photoshop.

Vintage Cameras Found with Old Film

vintage photos discovered 1vintage photos discovered 2

Vintage camera collector Chris Hugues was picking up another camera to add to his 300 plus collection. To his surprise, he found two packages of slides in the worn leather case. Taking a close look he found that the slides were taken by a French soldier from WWI. There were some photos of battle and unique images of the time period. Thus began a journey to “hunt” vintage cameras with undeveloped film still in the case or camera.

Visual Bits #419 > Animals Do The Darnedest Things

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