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Vietnam: Old Photos Become Windows Into the Past

Wednesday 09.12.2012 , Posted by

Looking at old photographs, we often wonder just how much a place has changed. Vietnamese photographer Khánh Hmoong wondered that about his home country and found a window into the past using old photos. He’s now created a beautiful series of photographs which juxtapose the old images against a backdrop of the country as it appears today. What he reveals is a country both drastically changed, and yet surprisingly the same. [Read more...]


Micro Crochet: Little Animals From Vietnam

Friday 10.14.2011 , Posted by

These amazingly tiny crochet animals fit on the tip of your finger. That’s how Su Ami, a small company run by a family of 5 from Vietnam, take each picture of their cute creations. The name of their company is taken from the nick name of their youngest daughter, who fittingly loves animals, movie characters and inspired the family to make their crafts. You can find their website at where they have new creatures posted each month [Read more...]


Visual Bits #24 > I Phone, You Tube

Friday 03.18.2011 , Posted by

An eye-full of links after the jump [Read more...]