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Typies Literally Launched All Over Barcelona

Thursday 11.08.2012 , Posted by

To mark Typie’s product launch they invited people on the streets of Barcelona to literally launch each letter of their cushion alphabet onto a moving couch with wheels! They filmed the entire experience from A to Z in one day from the beach to the plazas and every side street in between, then edited it into this awesome, fun video. One handed or two, between the legs or over the head, the throwing techniques were as different as the people who threw them. They used B for Ben, J for Jessica, P for Paul, etc. A unique cushion for each person’s initial.The last letter was thrown through Typie’s creator Soraia Balelo’s balcony window. [Read more...]


Buyral: The Elderly Help Make Your Video Go Viral

Tuesday 11.06.2012 , Posted by

Have you ever just wanted your video to go viral without all that worry about whether it’s really popular? Well Buyral has the solution for you! Using the combination of an ip.propagator and outsourcing to “clickers” world-wide, you can now purchase your viral clicks for the low price of $11.99 for 250k or even $59.99 for 25 million! They’ve got clicking farms doing your work in New York, India, classrooms and even retirement homes. [Read more...]


How the Frog’s Eye Sees

Tuesday 10.16.2012 , Posted by

The frog does not see what does not move. To the frog, to move is to exist. That’s pretty hard to wrap your head around, but this amazing minimalist cartoon gives you a glimpse of what it might be like to be a frog. Based on the research paper “What the Frog’s Eye Tells the Frog’s Brain” by Jerry Lettvin and his colleagues in 1959, animator Skip Battaglia brings scientific research to life through the googly eyes of a frog. [Read more...]


Blue ‘Quadropus’ in a Stop-Motion Music Video

Friday 10.12.2012 , Posted by

In this new music video for musician Wax Taylor’s song Time To Go, a crochet “quadropus” swims around the city, happily changing objects to its favorite color: blue. Pretty soon a lot of his world is its favorite hue… but not everything is working out perfectly. The piece was created by Oh Yeah Wow out of Australia. They’re the folks behind Gotye’s similarly cool video for Easy Way Out. [Read more...]


Black & White Video (In Color): Analog Video Transforms

Wednesday 10.10.2012 , Posted by

When Eran Amir decided to create a black and white video changing into color, he took the idea far… but kept it completely analog. Painting the entire room in what one Youtube commenter said looked like it “used about 50 different shades of.. grey,” Amir then transforms the room before our eyes, revealing the fact that he’s filming in color. It’s one classy trick. [Read more...]


Snail Trail: An Animated Laser Sculpture

Monday 09.24.2012 , Posted by

It’s a surprising story of cultural evolution, one which travels a loop and comes back to its origin. Philipp Artus has created two beautiful animations, both titled Snail Trail, which follow the evolution of a snail as it invents the wheel, goes on an exciting evolving journey and returns to its terrestrial beginnings. This isn’t any normal animation though: Artus tells the captivating story using deceivingly simple wire-frame illustrations and a complex laser for illuminating the scene. [Read more...]


Earth’s History in 2 Minutes

Wednesday 09.05.2012 , Posted by


Let’s start with the fact that this was done by a 19 year old. Then we can add that he is in a beginners video production class. Then lets add that he was able to find all of these photos with quick and easy internet searches for photos. Now add to the whole picture that after he uploaded the video, in three months he received over 1 million views. It is a different world from when older generations used linear editing systems. [Read more...]


The real stories of the silk Rail road

Thursday 08.23.2012 , Posted by


Often, photographers capture beauty of landscapes, of faces, of artistic expression, but more often than not, the stories behind the photos are not told. Randy Lin and Dimitry Levdanski are setting out to go beyond the two dimensions of photography.  Their project titled “Silk Rail Road” is setting out to capture the incredible beauty and landscapes of the rail road that runs from Astana, Kazakhstan to Bejing, China that runs along the old Silk Road.  Covering 2,500 miles, this journey will go well beyond the natural beauty of this incredible region.

See their Kickstarter here.

[Read more...]


New Simulation Asks: Is This How Our Universe Formed?

Wednesday 08.22.2012 , Posted by

Do you ever wonder how our universe formed? There are many theories and speculations that have been brought to the public consciousness, and while some are generally more accepted than others, the truth is, we don’t really know how our universe came about. Yet, as technology today develops and scientists gain access to a wider range of tools to explore the secrets of our beginnings, new findings shed further light on the history of the universe. [Read more...]


Man-Eater Spices Up the Bus Ride

Tuesday 08.14.2012 , Posted by

Inspired by the monotony of his daily commute on the tramway to art school, Daniel Disselkoen set out to make things a little more interesting. He created a clever game called “Maneater” that one lucky bus rider on each trip would get to play and recorded their experience. [Read more...]

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