Groove Glider: Column Five Spent Hack Day Making a Video Game

Every few months Column Five shuts down for an office-wide Hack Day. It’s a great time to brainstorm new ideas, mix up the daily grind and experiment with new creative work. Now, they’re proud to share one of the projects hatched up at their last Hack Day. Introducing C5’s very first video game, Groove Glider. It’s a side-scrolling space-shooter that’s part game, part mixtape (so you’ll definitely want your speakers on for this).

Rad Fighting Game Backgrounds Without the Fighters

Fighting Game Background GIFs 1

From Street Fighter 2 to Samurai Showdown and King of Fighters, the 90s were filled with a fantastic collection of 2D fighting games. It was more than just being able to hit, punch and kick fast enough to dominate your opponent – you needed to know the key/stick combos to unlock hidden super moves, quickly wreaking havoc on the health meter of your foe. When you weren’t completely focused on the fight going down, there was something surprisingly special about these games too – the low-fi repeating graphics scrolling across the background. Redditor RudeBootie, a big fan of these now vintage games, has created 125 fantastic repeating GIFs devoid of the fighting action and in doing so has brought our attention to the imaginative virtual arenas where all these punches were being thrown.

Pixelated Video Game Characters Enter the Real World

Víctor Somoza Benítez 1

Remember that feeling you had every time your thumbs made Mario leap from the brick stairs and slide down the flag pole to complete a level? That’s kind of how this series by Víctor Somoza Benítez makes me feel. Much like the works of Aled Lewis, Somoza takes the pixelated characters from your favorite old school video games and inserts them into the non-pixelated real world. Somoza, who is also a photographer takes most of his pictures in Spain where he lives in Palma de Mallorca.

Schematic Posters for Your Favorite Retro Electronics

CityPrints Computer and Gaming Wiring Schematics 5

It would be hard to get any more retro-nerd-cool than this. If you can identify any of these wiring schematics (without reading further) you score 200,000 points, with a 16x multiplier for every extra ID. You’re looking at the inner workings of some of the most revered personal computing and gaming consoles from the rise of the electronics era – from the Apple I and Commodore 64, to the Atari 2600 and Nintendo. Each two-tone print from City Prints celebrates the inner workings of the devices that have come to enhance and even dominate our society – and they do it with style.

Old School Video Game Characters in Real Life

video game characters in real life 0

Do you remember your old Nintendo Entertainment System and all the cool games it had? If you were alive and able to hold a video game controller in the late eighties and early nineties, then you definitely do. Games like Donkey Kong, Zelda, and Duck hunt were some of the earlier gaming favorites. Soon, games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Kart followed with game systems like Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. It was a long time ago, but London based artist Aled Lewis is bringing it back – recreating a series of nostalgic gaming characters from that time and inserting them into “real life.”

Visual Bits #349 > The Evolution Of Video Game Art

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Little Correlation Between Gaming & Gun Violence?

Video games and gun violence Washington Post 4

With the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, people in their shock are inevitably asking: “why?” Why did such a horrible event happen? What triggered a young boy to cause such harm to other children? Invariably the fingers begin to point towards, among other things: access to guns, mental illness, family troubles, isolation and, inevitably, playing violent video games. This last potential culprit has become a standard for those looking to find answers on why these awful events continue to happen, mainly in the US. The Washington Post recently produced a series of graphics, however, that cast serious doubt on the connection between playing video games and gun murders.

Video Games and App Developers: The Hottest Jobs in I.T.

Being a nerd has never felt so… rewarding. It can be said that Information Technology (I.T.) personnel are the rock stars of the Internet, but many think of I.T. personnel as being just a bunch of boring nerds who talk about modems and connection speeds all day. That’s not entirely true. Pretty soon these human pocket protecters will be whipping around the neighborhood in smooth rides, with tons of babes pouring out of the sunroof. They’ll also be writing the future of the Internet and bringing awesome new technologies to life in our personal and professional lives.

Visual Bits #272> If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…Eat ‘Em

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Art of the Arcade: Website Collects 70/80s Game Design

Do you have Pacman fever? Two hands on the lever? If you grew up in the 70s and 80s, during the golden age of video game developement, you’ll remember that sore thumb, fuzzy eyed feeling from playing now classic hits like River Raid, Pacman, Pong and Pitfall until the early hours of the morning. Or, maybe you got your gaming start on the floor of the 70s arcade, gazing at the glow of the pixilated but exciting screens of the era. Either way, you’ll remember the advertisements and graphics those games brought along with them… near florescent rainbows of color dominating the design genre.