Remember Those Artists Who Were Connecting With Andy Warhol’s Spirit? Here’s What Happened.


In October we told you about a project to bring back the spirit of Andy Warhol at an exceptionally unique NYC nightlife experience. Well, it happened, and it was as bizarre and avant-garde as we’d hoped. Andy Warhol would be pleased.

Looking Sad in the Bathtub is Super Chic

Looking sad and distraught is not a new fad — people have been sad on the internet for years — it’s just become increasingly apparent with the advent of popular micro-blogging sites like Tumblr. These are the places where lonely teenagers (and people in their 20s) turn to document their lives in online journals, then share it with the millions of users around the world. Whether people are desperately alone in the harsh climates of Siberia, sharing a fleeting moment of self doubt in the crowded, insaneness of Manhattan, or staring out their window into the endless suburbs of Chicago; looking sad has always had an artistic quality.

Dekotora Trucks: Lighted Chariots of the Night

Dekotora: an art born in the land of the rising sun, where cool delivery trucks are customized with wild treatments of chrome, stainless steel, colorful airbrushed murals and hundreds of neon lights to brighten the night. In this new series All The Wrong Places from Vice, Elliott Bambrough explores Dekotora culture around Tokyo and the Japan countryside, visiting the birthplace of the trend which began in low budget mid-70s B movies about truckers going on adventures and “chasing tail.” While truck culture has been waning in Japan, Bambrough gives it a little kick… check out the Dekotora treatment to his Mini at the end of the video.

War: Business as Usual

The crew over at The Vice Guide to Everything hit up a trade show in Amman Jordan… no, not featuring comic books or new futuristic cars… but guns, missiles, bombs, and armored cars. Men in suits hock the latest in high tech weaponry to members of the military from all around the world. People are cordial, then head home to get back to fighting one another. Welcome to The Business of War.