All the Rivers in the Continental US: An Explorable Map

Nelson US Rivers Map 3

Just one look at Google engineer Nelson Minar’s river map of the continental US and it’s impossible to deny this is a country absolutely filled with waterways. He says he worked just a few weeks creating the extensive map, which is both beautiful for its artery-like depiction of the countries life-giving river systems, and fascinating to explore in the way it demonstrates the nation’s topography through the system’s many paths.

The Illustrated Life Of Christoph Niemann

Have you ever wondered about the creative mind behind the illustrations that grace the cover of The New Yorker? Who is this vector art genius that continues to push out such iconic work? What is his story? Christoph Niemann is an illustrator and graphic designer whose work has frequently appeared on the cover of The New Yorker, Newsweek, Wired, Atlantic Monthly, the NY Times, and American Illustration. He has been the soul creator for Abstract Sundays, a NY Times blog, since 2008.

Want to Smile? Whimsical Illustrations by Randy Otter

If you want to add some sunshine to your long day, look no further than the clever, entertaining and even cute illustrations of Randy Otter (aka Aaron Jay). Each of his images treats us to a laugh as soon as the underlying meaning jumps out and tickles our brain… from the subtle to the overt, these are sure to entertain, if not make you think a little.

Paper Dolls From Your Favorite Television Shows

These spot-on paper dolls characters from hit TV shows really bring back the memories… I mean, who could forget Gob’s 3, 4, $5000 dollar suit from Arrested Development. Come on! Kyle Hilton, a talented illustrator from Jackson, Mississippi has been creating a new paper doll based on his favorite TV characters each week. Due to his increasing popularity, he’s even been asked to create a series of dolls based on the show Breaking Bad. See the complete series here.

Movie Posters Get the Pictogram Treatment

You may recall the brilliant Viktor Hertz from our earlier post “Clever Graphics That Make You Think.” Well he’s back with a new series that re-imagines famous movie posters in his own simplified style… and what better way to communicate simply than by using pictograms? With this ongoing project, he’s striving to find a balance between the current minimalist poster trend and not being boring… even in black and gray, we think he’s right on target.

Deftbeat Makes Candy Coated Vector Graphics

Splashing vibrant color across the screen with deft strokes, Jejomar Limbo (aka Deftbeat) makes candy-sweet pop art illustrations that stick to the eye. Deftbeat is a vexel/vector artist from the Philippines who has an absolutely stunning portfolio, demonstrating just how much impact vexel artwork can have. To see more of his work, check out his chock full deviantart profile or see

Technicolor Lover

Jared Nickerson’s Vector Wonderland

Canadian born Jared Nickerson is a vector illustration powerhouse. Now based in Seattle, he has become known for his clean, crisp style that mixes pop culture references with a darker, more surreal tone, à la Robert Crumb. He has served clients ranging from Nike to MTV.