Which State Drinks the Most Wine? Animation Shows It’s Just Getting More Popular

Over the past 20 years wine consumption has steadily grown in the US. Following a major slump in 1993, the classic beverage has seen a steady climb to new levels of appreciation today. But which state loves wine the most?

Hilarious High Schooler Impersonates Every U.S. President on Instagram

Maybe you have George W.’s way with words or Bill Clinton’s way with the ladies, but one New York High Schooler has an uncanny resemblance to all 43 U.S. presidents. On his Instagram account he has posted a selfie side by side with every chief executive that ever graced the White House plus George Washington. How do you like that little history fact?

Fat Flags: Body Painted Models Transformed Into National Flags Eating Foods Associated With Each Country

1 Jonathan Icher

While not every country portrayed here is facing an obesity epidemic, any of these foods in excess could lead to a flabby waistline. Perhaps this is why Paris-based photographer Jonathan Icher chose to name his series Fat Flag. The flakey, buttery goodness of France’s famous croissants, juicy greasy cheeseburgers that are as American as apple pie, nutrient-lacking white rice that accompanies sushi in Japan, and carbohydrate overload with pasta in Italy, Icher brought his clever conceptual photography idea to life with the help of makeup artist Anastasia Parquet. She covered the models (none of whom were fat) in body paint to turn them into each nation’s flag as Icher captured them stuffing their mouths with their flag’s counterpart foods.

“Made in America” Cast Iron Skillets of the 48 Contiguous States

Iron Skillet Map of the Contiguous 48 States

There’s nothing better for cooking than a good ol’ fashioned cast iron skillet, except for these amazing creations by Wisconsin artist Alisa Toninato. The 30 year old metal designer began crafting cast iron pans in the shape of her home state, Wisconsin. When this was well-received, she decided to complete the whole Mid-West region, and then had a dream to do the entire map of the contiguous states! With the help of a monetary boost from her Kickstarter campaign, she was able to achieve her dream with a complete 48 state map, which she called “Made in America.” She debuted the piece at ArtPrize, which led to her meeting Martha Stewart twice and getting featured on her show.

P.O.T.U.S.: Hilariously Creepy Wood Cut Portraits of All 43 US Presidents

1 44 U.S. presidents wood burned portrait

Back in elementary school- right around the time I learned “The Fifty Nifty United States” song, which still to this day, helps me remember all 50 states in alphabetical order, we learned another less memorable song called “The Song of the Presidents.” I couldn’t help but hearing the chorus, “These are the men who have served us as president. Chief executives leading the way. We will salute them in presidential order- the presidents of the U-S-A!” play through my head when I came across these incredible woodcut caricatures of all 43 fellas! Created by Graphic Designer Rachel Ignotofsky, she declares that the portraits “straddle the line between grotesque and comical” and I’d have to agree. This collection was shown as an installation at Leedy-Voulkous Art Center in Kansas City, Missouri where she is based out of. Each presidential portrait ranged in size from 24 x 18in, 14 x 17in, and 9 x 12in.

We Love Friday!- Stars, Stripes, & Celebration


The wise Abraham Lincoln once said, “I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.” All over the USA, people are showing their patriotism, celebrating their freedom, and probably eating and drinking way too much! However you celebrate- with family and friends, fireworks, parties, or just enjoying the days off of work, find time to think about what this holiday is about and be grateful for how fortunate you are. If you want to really open your eyes as to how lucky you are, try entering your income into this Global Wealth Calculator. If you make $24,000/year, you are among the top 2% richest people in the world! To see how people all over the US spent their 4th of July, we searched Instagram for this collection of people with true American spirit!

What’s in a Name? The US Atlas of True Names

Atlas of True Names 6

To many people, place names have a special meaning. Take California for example: to a number of people it signifies fun times, warm weather, beautiful nature and movies…. but what does the word ‘California’ actually mean? Grabbing this fascinating new map from Kalimedia, we see that ‘the Golden State’ actually means Land of the Successor, and looking closer we see San Francisco really means ‘Saint Little Frank One.’ The maps is called the Atlas of True Names, and it reveals the etymological roots, or original meanings of familiar places in the US.

How Fast the US Became Obese: Animated Map

US obesity header

It’s no secret that the US has a weight problem, but do you know how fast the country got fat? I’ll be honest, when I first saw this map animated by The Atlantic, my jaw literally dropped when it reached the 2000s… many states explode from around 20% obesity to over 30%. In just my lifetime (I was born in 1980) the whole US has gone from a relatively thin country to a place where the norm in many areas is to be overweight to obese.

American Life: Rare Color Photographs During WWII

Black and white photographs always seem to be stuck in the past, giving us an often unrealistic perspective on how long ago events really were. Think about it, most of us know someone who was alive during the 1940s, many of them fully grown members of society. For them life during World War II was a vibrant one full of memorable experiences, both challenging and enjoyable. These images, taken by photographers working for the Farm Security Administration (FSA) and later the Office of War Information (OWI), make the war years look much more recent using one rare tool of the time: color film.

The Surprising Burden of Small Business Regulations

Often one of the great mysteries of owning a business is something we don’t want to deal with at all: taxes and regulatory fees. These unavoidable facts of life can be an intimidating source of stress and confusion for many entrepreneurs and, as this graphic from ChamberofCommerce.com clearly illustrates, there are some surprisingly unfair burdens put on those least equipped to handle this: the smallest businesses in the United States.