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After English and Spanish, What’s the Most Common Language in Your State?

Wednesday 05.14.2014 , Posted by

Did you know German is the third most spoken language in Colorado, or that it’s Hmong in Minnesota? What’s the third most spoken language in your state?

This map is too interesting. Yes, most people in the US speak English in daily life, followed down the list by Spanish in all but seven states… but what comes third? This map from Slate details some surprising results and points to drastically different histories of immigration across the US. [Read more…]


What’s in a Name? The US Atlas of True Names

Tuesday 06.25.2013 , Posted by

Atlas of True Names 6

To many people, place names have a special meaning. Take California for example: to a number of people it signifies fun times, warm weather, beautiful nature and movies…. but what does the word ‘California’ actually mean? Grabbing this fascinating new map from Kalimedia, we see that ‘the Golden State’ actually means Land of the Successor, and looking closer we see San Francisco really means ‘Saint Little Frank One.’ The maps is called the Atlas of True Names, and it reveals the etymological roots, or original meanings of familiar places in the US. [Read more…]


The Weight of the Nation

Monday 05.28.2012 , Posted by

It’s no surprise that the United States is facing an alarming obesity problem (no surprise because most people can name the location of every fast food joint in town, but hit a wall when asked about the times and locations of their local farmers markets). It would be too quick and easy to blame individuals for eating too much and exercising too little, mainly because the causes are complex and involve many sometimes complex factors. [Read more…]


The United Zipcodes of Craigslist

Monday 03.05.2012 , Posted by

When you visit the Craigslist website, the first thing you usually do is select the region you want to search within. Those Craigslist defined boundaries are sometimes pretty broad, from the San Francisco Bay Area to the entire state of Maine. A while ago, John Nelson of IDV User Experience created a very intriguing map based on those boundaries which is both useful as a window into what the Craigslist folks view as our local regions and as a targeted marketing reference. Now, Nelson has created an even more useful map, this time visualizing the nations zip codes which fall within the Craigslist boundaries. [Read more…]


Death & Taxes: How is the U.S. Spending Our Money?

Tuesday 10.25.2011 , Posted by

Death and Taxes is a behemoth graph of the federal budget. Containing 500 of the largest programs and departments, nearly all that receive over 200 million dollars each year, the graphic gives us a revealing look at where the U.S. puts its financial priorities.

Created using data from the president’s 2012 budget proposal, Jess Bachman spends a few months each year creating a new edition to keep us up to date. All of the program circles are proportional in size to their funding levels and for comparison the percentage change from both 2012 and 2002 is included so you can identify trends. For a full sized, zoomable view, or to purchase the yearly poster, head to [Read more…]


The Overworked American

Friday 08.05.2011 , Posted by

In the past 20 years, the U.S. economy has grown a staggering 60 percent, yet workers salaries have not kept pace. The country that once claimed “the best standard of living in the world” now has a workforce that rarely sees anything more than a 7 day vacation each year… if those workers choose to take time off. This infographic done in collaboration with Column Five and GOOD, looks at the U.S. workforce and how it stacks up compared to other western countries. [Read more…]


In Afghanistan Troops Eat the Meals of Home

Monday 06.20.2011 , Posted by

Since the war first began in 2001, many soldiers of the almost 50 nations in Afghanistan have survived on pre-packaged meals filled with as many calories as possible and seasoned with the unique tastes of home. Called an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) in the United States, these hardcover book sized packages serve two functions: to nourish the hard working troops and to give them a happy reminder of home. Each country’s MRE includes staple ingredients to fill the belly, along with tasty dessert items and the obligatory moist towelette. [Read more…]


Geographic Awareness of Cancer in the US

Tuesday 05.03.2011 , Posted by

With ever increasing rates of cancer in the world, there are very few people who’s lives have not been affected by the disease. This powerful new interactive graphic, Geographic Awareness of Cancer, is a great way to see how your area of the US is being affected. The graphic displays the percentage by county of major cancer types and related factors such as the percentage of obesity and smoking in the area. [Read more…]


Life Expectancy & Retirement Years Worldwide

Tuesday 04.12.2011 , Posted by

Just how long do people in your country live and how long do they take for retirement? Life expectancy varies from country to country as does the length we reserve towards the end. This side by side comparison reveals that Austrians can expect many free twilight years, while many Mexicans are getting none.

[Read more…]


How Close Are We To Nuclear Plants in the USA?

Monday 04.11.2011 , Posted by

With the recent radioactive leakage from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant, many are wondering what a similar situation would look like in the US. The 65 operating nuclear plants in the country, with their 104 reactors, place tens of millions of people within close proximity of such plants. For an interactive map of the US and to see which power plants are closest to your area, see Zeit Online.

[Read more…]

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