Grow Your Own: A UK Guide to Yearly Planting & Harvest

Bold and Noble Grow Your Own Calendar 2

It’s that time of year again, the time when you pull out your collection of seeds and plan this years magnificent vegetable garden. For some of us, the selection of this tasty cornucopia is a near obsession (we made our own handy California based graphic). This wonderfully designed poster from UK based print shop Bold and Noble could help you plan your year from sewing to harvest.

Art Structures In the Works To Revitalize Buffalo

As post-industrial areas struggle to keep up with the suburban strip mall societies, many are falling short and needing a miracle to revitalize their once booming economies. Try as they might to convince the people otherwise, introducing a Walmart is not the answer. Realizing this and wanting to bring vitality back to Buffalo, architect David Lagé organized a think-tank called Terrainsvagues. After throwing ideas back and forth, they came to a conclusion that met all of their needs- farming abilities above the contaminated soil, beautiful art structures to attract visitors, which will in turn begin to bring back and sustain small businesses in the area. By working with artists in the Department of Visual Studies at the University of Buffalo and urban farming organizations, plans are in the works to have large free-standing installations/ gardening structures by next Spring.

Visual Bits #190> Amazing Structures And Designs

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15,000 Square Foot Urban Farm Goes Portable

Amidst the towering skyscrapers and busting New York City traffic is a mobile, 15,000 square foot urban farm, called Riverpark Farm. Born through ideas of sustainability and more portable approaches to urban farming, Riverpark Farms partnered with Alexandria Center for Life Science and Riverpark restaurant to create one of the largest urban farms in New York City. The unique farm is located on the future site of Alexandria Center’s west tower. With the downed economy, building on the site has been suspended, leaving the lot a perfect place to create an urban farm.

Freight Farms: Grow Fresh Food In Any Environment

At the moment we face a food dilemma in western cultures: a society accustomed to the all-year availability of fresh produce and the rising cost of transport, both environmental and financial. Much of our fresh produce, especially in colder climates like the eastern United States, comes from far off places like southern California and Chile, traveling many freight miles before it reaches the market and finally our tables; but is there a better option for getting fresh cucumbers, peppers and lettuce in the winter?