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Stunningly Designed Stellar Maps of Our Night Sky

Sunday 05.12.2013 , Posted by

stellavie-print-silkscreen-stellar-map 1

For anyone who wants to see their place in the universe, there is hardly a better way to get perspective than taking a look at the stars. With head lofted towards the sky we see a multitude of worlds so distant that the light originated eons before our birth. These star maps from Stellavie Design Manufaktur are perhaps the most lovely we’ve seen, providing us with both attractive detailing and meaningful content… the perfect inspiration for becoming more familiar with our night sky. [Read more...]


Hubble’s Deepest Ever View of the Universe

Monday 10.08.2012 , Posted by

The Hubble telescope has captured the deepest and most comprehensive view of the universe, known as eXtreme Deep Field (see above). XDF combined ten years of Hubble photos into one cumulative look at around 5,500 galaxies, including faint galaxies at one ten-billionth the brightness of what the human eye can see, that go as far back as 13.2 billion years. The video below explains how the picture was put together. This amazing technology is only a preview of what the future holds for exploring the universe. [Read more...]


New Simulation Asks: Is This How Our Universe Formed?

Wednesday 08.22.2012 , Posted by

Do you ever wonder how our universe formed? There are many theories and speculations that have been brought to the public consciousness, and while some are generally more accepted than others, the truth is, we don’t really know how our universe came about. Yet, as technology today develops and scientists gain access to a wider range of tools to explore the secrets of our beginnings, new findings shed further light on the history of the universe. [Read more...]


Out of This World Illustrations

Tuesday 06.19.2012 , Posted by

Get ready for take-off! As you scroll through the imaginative illustrations from Pez DeTierra’s Night-time collection, you can’t help but imagine how much fun it would be to float through space. While the characters in her paintings are simple stick-figure like outlines, the contrast between the dark background and the bright paint creates a playful fantasy world. [Read more...]


Where Did My Tweet Go? 3D Chart of Your Twitter Reach

Friday 03.23.2012 , Posted by

What happens when you send out a tweet into the wilds of the internet? Does it soar to the heights of Twitter stardom or bomb with nary a retweet? Even now, it’s pretty difficult to see with any certainty information about your 140 character message: like who you’ve reached, the number of retweets after it’s left your direct circle of connections or how large that group actually is. Now, along with a few other projects, Where Did My Tweet Go? is planning to soon offer a solution that is as functional as it is visually attractive. [Read more...]


Universe born in a spin—and still whirling?

Friday 07.08.2011 , Posted by

New research suggests the shape of the Big Bang might be more complicated than previously thought. Physicists and astronomers have long believed that the universe has mirror symmetry, like a basketball. [Read more...]