Classic Art Figures Immersed In Modern Day Backgrounds

In classic art, angels with instruments are everywhere, men wear ruffled attire and furs, and curvy women sit around in flowy layers and proper dresses. Those aren’t typical sites in modern day life, but Ukranian artist Alexey Kondakov thought it would be interesting if they did. In his ongoing series, “Art History in Contemporary Life”, Alexey Kondakov places figures from classic art pieces in present day settings and the contrast is quite interesting.

A Drone Captures the Haunting Beauty of Abandoned Chernobyl

It’s been nearly 30 years since the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, but much of the area remains the same as the day it was abandoned. Danny Cooke traveled to the site earlier this year while on assignment with CBS News for an episode of ‘60 Minutes.’ Armed with a dosimeter geiger counter, his SLR and a GoPro mounted on a drone, he explored the surrounding area including the abandoned town of Pripyat, and filmed its unreachable locations like never before. His film is called “Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl”.

Fashion Without A Budget: The Most Stylish Hobo in The Ukraine

You don’t need a closet, or even a home, to be fashionable. In the city of Lviv, Ukraine there is a homeless man named Slavik who makes style a priority. Through the lens, Ukranian photographer Yurko Dyachysyn captured Slavik’s daily fashion forward outfits.

Surreal Photographs Shot with Real-Life Props and a $50 Film Camera

In an age when shooting thousands of photographs no longer requires changing any rolls of film, it’s sometimes hard to remember that that wasn’t always the case. Lviv, Ukraine based photographer Oleg Oprisco is doing it the old fashioned way, and producing results which are stunningly surreal, harkening back to old fairytales and our more vivid dreams. Making images this perfect is hard to believe when made with actual film… and especially with a vintage camera that goes for about $50.

Battlestar Galactica Fan Creates His Own Life Size Wooden Cylon Companion

1 Wooden model Cylon by Dmitry Balandin

Crane operator by day, robot craftsman by night, Dmitry Balandin has spent over six months creating a new roommate for his apartment. The Ukrainian Sci-Fi buff was inspired by the hit-series Battlestar Galactica to create a Cylon, but since metal materials would have cost upwards of $3,000 and been difficult to work with inside of his apartment, he opted for plywood and steel screws which only set him back $300. He wanted it to have a human-like appearance and since that would be tricky with wood, he used lifelike joints to give the figure hominid positioning abilities. Balandin’s Wooden Cylon shows off his life-like movements in this photo series- sitting on the couch reading a newspaper, arm wrestling his maker, and boiling water for tea.

Vibrant GIFS That Will Show You Another World


If you like visual sensory overload, then you will love these bright animated GIFs by Yuriy Mironoff. In this series, the artist/illustrator/animator, who is based in Kiev, Ukraine, brings tribal figures to life with vibrant, colorful animation. If you listen to the music at the bottom of the post while you gaze through the collection the creatures will appear to dance to the beat.

Visual Bits #293 > Build It And They Will…Jump!

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Vintage Ink: From the Printing Press to Your Skin

Ien Levin, a tattoo artist from the Ukraine, brings art to peoples skin which looks to have jumped from the printed literary and newsprint pages of the past… but with a twist. Drawing from Victorian and Edwardian themes, Levin puts his skill with the needle to work replicating a style which harkens back to snake oil advertisements and fantasy illustrations from the days of yore.

That’s Not Snow, That’s Kiev in Infrared

Would you like to go for a walk? How about in Kiev, Ukraine in a place called Andrews Descent? Recently reopened, photographer Elektraua shot photos of the place which is often described as the “Montmartre of Kiev”, using infrared film.

The Golden Calendar: Patterns Display Unique Facts

Gold. It is a precious metal and has been a valuable item for thousands of years. It’s beauty has captured the minds and hearts of many men and has spurred endless adventures and journeys to seek it. Yurko Gutsulyak went on an adventure regarding gold. It was an artistic adventure and also a philosophical one.