Inky Intelligence: Smart, Handsome Hand-Lettering


Artist Sean McCabe proves that the Micron is mightier than the sword with his striking letterforms. Based out of San Antonio, Texas, this life-long typographer specializes in luscious hand-inked letters that speak bold words of wisdom. 


Cartography Typography: Chicago Poster Company Maps Cities, Lakes, And A Few Human Organs

2013 09 ork great lakes

Starting with her design of a Chicago map hanging on her living room wall, Jenny Beorkrem wondered if other people might also want to hang the poster on their wall. Working a day job as a graphic designer, Beorkrem began Ork Posters with just a few sales on Etsy.  She learned to screenprint, produced more posters, and then some blog writers started to take notice. This spike of interest gave her reason to expand her offerings and create more designs. Since its beginning in 2007, Ork Posters now offers 26 maps – with the Bronx just added this past August. Although Ork Posters has scaled up to accommodate the number of orders, they are still printed locally in Chicago. 


Locks of Lettering: Human Hair Typography by Monique Goossens

1 typeface human hair

If you have long hair like me, hair balls in the shower drain and garbage can after cleaning out the brush are a common occurrence. In this clever series, designer Monique Goossens transforms those commonly overlooked hairballs into typography. She shapes the clumps of hair into letters and leaves stray hairs radiating off of each one so that its material is obvious. The Amsterdam based artist studied Interior Design and Styling at Academie Artemis and became interested in the relationship between photography and design, so she continued her studies at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.


The Storied Evolution of the Star Wars Logo

Star Wars 01 Ralph McQuarrie Scrapbook

When it comes to movie logos (or franchises for that matter) there are few as iconic as the now classic Star Wars trilogy… but how well do we really know the design behind that logo? As it turns out, the famously “spacy” typography featured in the now familiar logo wasn’t finalized on all print media until a while after the first movies release, and some early versions slipped through becoming quite familiar in their own right.


BMD Design Serves Up Tasty Retro Typography

BMD Design 8

With an aged patina of motor oil and the healthy scent of flaming exhaust wafting through the air, BMD Design out of Bordeaux France has some vintage influenced designs that will get any motorhead or rummage sale enthusiasts mouth drooling. Forget about digital perfection, this is the hand-made, home-spun article and the rubbed off paint is there to prove it. BMD has made a name for itself with old-school iconography and well organized flourishes of typography… it’s a style often attempted but rarely executed with such deft skill.


Sharp Graphic Design from Shanghai


If you’re looking for unique design inspiration, you won’t do much better than the work of Tang Shipeng. This Shanghai-based freelance graphic designer/typographer is producing some wonderfully versatile work, all with an eastern aesthetic that can be highly refreshing to weary western eyes. From his posters, to his books and typefaces, each and every example is a study in clean minimalist design.


Sam Winston’s Elemental Typography at the V&A

Sam Winston VandA 1

Created specifically to participate in the upcoming V&A exhibition ‘Memory Palace’ in London, these fantastic new creations from artist Sam Winston have much thought rising from their sleek surfaces. His body of work features much that reinterprets the written word, making him a perfect fit for the new show that revolves around artistic, graphic and typographic interpretations of a section of a text from author Hari Kunzru written specifically for the multi-artist show. The passage Winston was tasked with interpreting was focused on “mankind’s worship of the periodic table.” To realize his vision, he chose to combine the scientific processes of modern chemistry with the imagery of sacred eastern geometry, realizing them through three fascinating metal panels.


Binary Prints Appear Wildly Different at Day or Night

Alex Trochut Binary Prints header

When we arrive in a new place at night, the world looks different. Colors – if we see any – are muted, and dark shapes dominate a landscape difficult to accurately decipher. When the morning comes and we see the same place again, it can appear completely different. Colors invisible in the night now appear bright or even florescent. Objects hidden in shadow reveal themselves. Why bring this all up? Because this new series of posters from Alex Trochut, called Binary Prints, turns the whole light/dark concept on its head, revealing far more at night than during daylight hours.


Visual Bits #451 > A Deep Love For Type

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Monolithic Typography in Vintage Collage Worlds


In Space Relationship, huge typographical forms rise from the grounds of vintage structures, dwarfing often famous locations with bold and mysterious messages: INTERVAL, LARGE, FRONT, DISCONTINUITY. The scenes themselves blend together imagery from vintage postcards and photography into a collage of impossibly scaled worlds – bridges, mountains, boats and rivers are all dwarfed by ornate victorian ceilings which tower above the foreground, enclosing the scene with a grandeur more architectural than natural. These infinitely explorable images are the work of French illustrator and graphic designer Stéphane Massa-Bidal aka Rétrofuturs.