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Norman Rockwell’s “Connoisseur” Admires the GIF Masterpieces of Today

Wednesday 10.08.2014 , Posted by

For the GIF connoisseur, there isn’t a huge selection at your local gallery or museum. But one art space has emerged digitally, bringing those with a taste for looping images that same sense of admiring a masterpiece… in the company of one particular fellow. He originally appeared in Norman Rockwell’s painting The Connoisseur in 1951. It showed him observing what looked like a Jackson Pollock piece. [Read more…]


Pantone Perfection: The Color Palettes of Nature

Sunday 12.29.2013 , Posted by
6-natural-palettes new 600

We have seen breakfast food Pantone-style and famous movie scenes dissected by color and now we get back to the roots of color with Natural Palettes. This awesome new Tumblr is devoted to matching colors from the Pantone spectrum with gorgeous natural landscapes. With looping GIFs that every color aficionado will love and both simple and striking scenes from nature, it’s easy to get lost scrolling through the collection. [Read more…]


Coolness Graphed: Charting Life with Bar Graphs and Humor

Wednesday 12.18.2013 , Posted by
05 poliece artist

Coolness Graphed has been charting life and its relative coolness or ‘uncoolness’ for the past two years. RC Jones began the project as a creative outlet to counterbalance a boring day job, and within three months of publishing on tumblr, the project was receiving attention from national media including Forbes and MSN.

Earlier this year, a collection of graphs was published in a book that seems perfect for geeky gifting. In the announcement of his book deal, Jones shares, “Less than a year ago I got an email that I could tell was very important because it contained the phrase “you had us at ‘sporklift.’” [Read more…]


99 Problems, But These Posters Ain’t One

Monday 07.15.2013 , Posted by

99 probs 2

So Jay-Z has 99 problems? We’ve been hearing about ‘em for years, but we’ve never been exactly sure what they were. Thanks to Ali Graham, we’re now getting a look inside the life of Shawn Carter, and the scoop on his plethora of problems. This growing Tumblr sensation 99 Problems, has been featuring illustrations of the world-famous rapper and his many grievances, from his issues with popsicles and US presidents, to tailoring and hair. It’s a hard-knock life, but somebody’s got to live it! [Read more…]


Boss Cats. They Rule. You Don’t.

Wednesday 09.26.2012 , Posted by

At one point in life, one must ask the question: “who’s the boss, me or my cat?” These felines have a strong attitude and they are the bosses of their respective homes. If you stroke them the wrong way you’re on your way to receiving a nice new scratch mark on those expensive jeans you bought last week. They will let you know real quick who the boss is. [Read more…]


Tumblr Treasures- Pen & Ink

Thursday 06.28.2012 , Posted by

Whenever I see an interesting tattoo, I love to ask the person to share with me the meaning behind it. In doing this, I’ve heard some truly fascinating stories and some that are more like: “I don’t know, my friend was getting a tattoo so I just picked out something on the wall.” If you have a tattoo with a meaningful story behind it, are thinking about getting one but can’t decide what, or just like hearing about other peoples’ tattoos, then we’ve found the perfect Tumblr for you! Pen & Ink was created by Isaac Fitzgerald and Wendy MacNaughton as a place for those with body art to share the stories behind it. It features each person’s name and occupation, a fun sketch of each tattoo diagraming where it is on the body, and, of course, the reasoning for it.
[Read more…]


Tumblr Treasures- Typography Around the Big Apple

Thursday 06.14.2012 , Posted by

In the concrete jungle where dreams are made of (props to Alicia Keys), there are more businesses on each block than in the entirety of some towns. To some this means endless take-out food possibilities and the best shopping in the world, but to others it means a nearly infinite supply of magnificent typography. Luke Connolly started a Tumblr called NYC Type which is his photographic documentation of some of the best typography in the Big Apple. [Read more…]


Tumblr Treasures- Questionable Advice

Thursday 06.07.2012 , Posted by

Advertisements have been shaping societal values for centuries. They offer advice for how to best “fit in” to the mainstream culture. As our values change, not always for the better, it is fun to look back on the messages that people took to heart before our time. The featured Tumblr this week is called QuestionableAdvice and it is a collection of advertisements from the past. [Read more…]


Tumblr Treasures- NYC Through the Eyes of a Taxi Driver

Thursday 05.31.2012 , Posted by

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a virtual ride through NYC through the eyes of taxi driver, Max Cohen. This week’s Tumblr Treasure is called ThingsISeeFromMyCab and it is as colorful and entertaining as the Big Apple where the pictures were taken from the driver’s seat of a yellow cab. Max Cohen isn’t your typical taxi driver. He just received his MBA and is opening a store called North Brooklyn Collective- a retail, skate, and bike shop. [Read more…]


Tumblr Treasures: Reading is Cool!

Thursday 05.17.2012 , Posted by

Welcome to our first installment of Tumblr Treasures! Each Thursday, we will be featuring some of our favorite hidden Tumblr gems. This week we were impressed with 2 incredible Tumblr pages with a similar theme: Attractive People Reading and Awesome People Reading. [Read more…]

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