How Common is Your Birthday? Graphing Birth Patterns in the USA

Just how common is your birthday? Do you share your cake-day with 5 friends and a co-worker every year? Or, did you have the hospital to yourself the day you were born? Redditor UCanDoEat recently put together an excellent series of data visualizations detailing birthday patterns in the US… and they reveal some striking trends on when (and perhaps why) our society gives birth.

One More Reason To Grow Out Your Beard

You don’t have to stop to smell the roses when they are right under your nose! Aside from upping a man’s awesomeness level, beards can also be the perfect medium for a floral arrangement. The men below are starting a new fashion trend which would be the perfect accompaniment to the floral crowns that ladies have been wearing lately. Flower Power is not just for women and these manly bearded men are proud to show off their softer sides. Why buy flowers for your lover when you can become a walking bouquet?

Fields of Gold: Changes in the US Corn Industry [Infographic]


Corn was once a straightforward crop, but the US industry has seen big changes in recent years. Ethanol and GMOs are both relatively new to the scene, and they are both hot-button issues. Since 1980, the use of corn has increased significantly as a result of renewable energy legislation. Not only are we using more corn, but we are using different strains of corn. In 2013, genetically engineered corn accounted for 90% of the planted crop showing a steep increase from just 25% in 2000. A series of graphs were produced by Flapjack Media to detangle the data. The full graphic is available here.

Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review

It’s hard to believe that 2012 is almost over and what an amazing year it has been. Google has created an amazing re-cap highlighting the most memorable and the most “Googled” events of the year. It’s pretty uplifting to see that inspirational and incredible things, such as historical space leaps, Olympian athletes, people uniting to make a change, and a young boy with cerebral palsy walking to his parents for the first time, beat out the Kardashians. Unfortunately Honey Boo Boo still made the cut…Enjoy the video nonetheless!

The Curious Case of the Hue Shifting Movie Poster

Since its inception over 100 years ago, a curious and clear shift has been striking the movie industry, or more exactly, the industry of the movie poster. Over the last century we have seen the posters advertising each years films, both large and small, take a decided shift in hue towards two specific colors. We might not know this without the interesting and comprehensively compiled color charts created by Vijay Pandurangan, but thanks to his inquisitive and diligent work, we can now easily see which colors have steadily gained prominence in the movie posters of today compared with those created at the beginning of popular film. There are easily two winners: orange and blue.

100 Years Graphed: Technology Adoption is Speeding Up

The last 112 years have been an avalanche of new discoveries, new advances in our understanding of how the world works and how to harness the energies around us to useful means. How far have we advanced? At the dawn of the 20th century less than 10% of households owned a stove, had access to a telephone or even electricity… and the automobile that dominates society today? It was hardly on the charts.

Animalistic Hairstyles Of The Future

Check out these animalistic hairstyles constructed by the talented Nagi Noda. Although this talented artist may not be with us anymore, passing away at the young age of 35, her work still plays a valuable roll in our culture. Noda had her own sense of style that caught on and influenced everything from the fashion world to the entertainment industry. She worked on projects with Coca-Cola, designed hairstyles for popular films, and teamed up with Jack White from The White Stripes in a promotional video. In 2004, after not quite portraying the slim image that society expected from her, she directed the viral short “being appraised as an ex-fat girl” in which she took on the image of a poodle aerobics coach.

Horsemaning: The Original Planking?

I thought people were losing their heads when it came to the photographic craze that is Planking, but what about this original photo meme from the past? Horsemanning, also known as ‘fake beheading’ is a technique reportedly popular in the 1920’s as the image above illustrates. Now the fad is seeing a resurgence as people across the internet share their own Horsemanning headshots. Find more (and contribute your own) on Facebook.

Fashionable Illustrations With a Retro Flair

Ever dreamed of looking like a stylish cowboy or beatnik? These clever illustrations will have you square-dancing or spitting poetry in no time. With a strong Mid-Century influence, artist Toby Neighbors tells stories through his detailed and entertaining illustrations, often putting an emphasis on style trends and pop culture. His work has been featured at the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles, the Young Blood Gallery in Atlanta, the Owl & Lion in Edinburgh and recently at the Compound Gallery in Portland. See more of his work at

How Graphics are Changing the Way We View Information

When was the last time you saw a graph get a standing ovation? The people at BBC Newsnight sat down for a conversation with David McCandless, author of both the book (and eponymous blog), Information is Beautiful, as well as Neville Brody (previously of “The Face”,  and founder of the renown Research Studios) Here they discuss the history of sharing statistical information and as well as emergent methods by which information is designed and explained. We’ve come a long way since the simple pie chart.