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Travel Like a Local: San Francisco’s Best-Kept Secrets

Tuesday 07.10.2012 , Posted by

Seeing the majority of a city through a camera lens, hanging out at the busiest tourist spots, and wearing tan shorts with black socks isn’t the way everyone wants to travel and experience new cities. Some people hate the idea of sticking out like a sore thumb when they’re on vacation, and will go to great lengths to make sure they fit in with their surroundings. San Francisco is one of the best cities in California, and there’s so much more to enjoy than the Golden Gate Bridge or Fisherman’s Wharf. [Read more...]


The Streets of Varanasi- A Photographic Journey

Saturday 06.09.2012 , Posted by

Regarded as one of the most sacred cities in the world by the Hindus, Varanasi, historically known as Benares, has been touted as “older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together” by Mark Twain. The Ganges River runs through the heart of Varanasi and many Hindus take pilgrimages to bathe in the sacred river, washing themselves of their sins. Fascinated with the people in one of India’s oldest cities, James Hotham, a photographer from Bath, England, began a project in January 2012 photographing the communities living along and behind the riverfront. [Read more...]


Driving UK to Mongolia: 10,000 miles in a Wheelchair!

Tuesday 06.05.2012 , Posted by

The Mongol Rally is one of the most adventurous charity rallies in the world today. With over 200 teams taking vehicles ranging from Volkswagens to Volvos (the car must have less than a 1.2L engine), cars drive over 10,000 miles from the UK to Mongolia, passing through all sorts of terrain and weather. Now imagine doing it if the driving team had all sustained spinal cord injuries and now use a wheelchair instead of their legs! Let me introduce you to the Wheelie Wanderers! [Read more...]


The Honey Hunters of Nepal

Monday 06.04.2012 , Posted by

When we think of honey, we don’t think of scaling a cliff with giant bees to get it. These images tell the photographic story, shot by Eric Valli, of the Himalayan Gurung men of Nepal harvesting honey.  The images, shot in 1987, are so modern for being an almost 25 year old shoot and while the unbelievable nature of the photos make it hard to believe that they are not staged, they simultaneously have an intimate feeling that is so natural and real. Valli captures the essence of these astounding men on their incredible journey to do something that seems so simple, but is not in the least. [Read more...]


How Hitchhiking is Helping Street Children in Uganda

Monday 05.28.2012 , Posted by

Quitting your good job at Cambridge University to go hitchhiking to Uganda is foolish, right? Why give up such security, status and comfortable living? For Pawel Huk the answer was street children. His heart was moved by the reality that there are over 10,000 children who have to survive on their own in Uganda. So, he quit his job and decided to hitchhike to Uganda while raising money and awareness about the social issue throughout the journey. The support he raised was donated to the UK based organization Street Child Africa. [Read more...]


Souvenirs: Iconic Spots Remade by the Gift Shop

Thursday 05.17.2012 , Posted by

It seems like Michael Hughes has been all over the world… and he has the souvenirs to prove it. This London based traveler has been journeying far and wide, checking out landmarks both famous and forgotten. When he finds a good one, he hits the gift shop and finds something he can use to replace part of the iconic scene in his image — a toy Eiffel Tower, a blow-up London Bus, a shell from the Camino de Santiago — he’s covered a lot of iconic spots, but there are still many to go. [Read more...]


A Snapshot of Kyoto by Nomadic Matt

Wednesday 05.16.2012 , Posted by

Nomadic Matt is a traveler who starting exploring the far reaches of the world in 2003… and never looked back. Finishing his Masters of Business administration, he left corporate America for good. Through his travels he flies about 25 times a year, enjoys eating Kangaroo and currently everything he owns fits into one bag. Making an unusual living while he travels and writes on his blog, Matt decided to journey to Kyoto to document some of the magnificent temples and gardens there. [Read more...]


Movie Mimic: Reenacting Scenes from Famous Films

Friday 04.27.2012 , Posted by

If you’re like most people, you’ve wanted to be in the movies at one time or another. From playing a hero like Indiana Jones or Wonder Woman to dating some hot star like Ryan Gosling or Megan Fox, we’ve all had the thought cross our mind. Then it comes to the incredible places those films take place: Paris, Tokyo, San Francisco… many of the iconic locations are burned into our memories, with moving plot and dialogue to match. Well, here’s a guy that’s putting himself in famous films, or at least one frame from a memorable scene. [Read more...]


Want to Join a Band of Sailing Sea Gypsies?

Thursday 04.26.2012 , Posted by

Have you ever wanted to build a sailboat and voyage on it with a bunch of people from around the world? Welcome to the Sea Gypsies! Since the summer of 2009, people from all over the world have assisted in the construction of a ship that will sail the seas upon completion. There have been volunteers coming from all parts of the world — Asia to America, Europe to Southern Africa — all converging on a collective located just north of Oslo, Norway. [Read more...]


A User-Generated Collection of Google Earth Imagery

Monday 03.26.2012 , Posted by

There are many beautiful places in the world, but we often miss a lot of that beauty until we look at it from “up above.” Stratocam, a program developed by former Google and Dreamworks employee Paul Rademacher, allows visitors to take their own aerial snaps with the help of Google Earth and later vote for their favorite photographs from the community of images. [Read more...]

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