Forget Flying Cars, Here’s a Flying Bicycle!

Paravelo flying bicycle 8

Imagine this: you walk out to your garage after your morning coffee, hop on your bicycle, ride down to the nearby field, and then fly to the beach. Wait… fly?!

That’s the idea behind this wild Kickstarter project called Paravelo. They’ve connected a modified folding bicycle to a powered parachute assembly, creating a hybrid bicycle-trailer-flying machine. It’s an affordable way to get in the air, and to the airfield.

Suitcases Become Memories of the Places They’ve Been

2  Memory suitcases

When you think of all the places you’ve been with your trusty suitcase, the memories of your vacations, visits to friends far away, and weekend getaways fill your mind. A suitcase is often an accessory that is with us for some of the most pleasurable moments and it holds an impression of all the places we’ve been. As adorable as old fashioned suitcases are, they just can’t handle the beating of TSA employees, luggage stacking, and baggage carousels, but Israeli artist Yuval Yairi has given them a new purpose. Yairi gives a nostalgic homage to the places a suitcase has traveled by painting beautiful landscapes on their surfaces.

We Love Friday!- Gorgeous Beaches Around the World


Since the beginning of time, people have gathered on beaches. Whether to feel the sand between your toes, swim in the water, listen to the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore, or to watch the magnificent sunset on the horizon, the beach is soothing to the soul. Many people work as hard as they can, saving up all of their vacation days for that tropical beach escape, but some prefer to be on permanent holiday by living in a beach town. Perhaps those who have to wait are able to appreciate the magnificence of a beach more, but since there are so many beautiful beaches around the world, it would be nearly impossible for beach lovers to see them all in one lifetime. To celebrate the beauty of where the water meets the land, we searched Instagram for a collection of beach pictures that will have you booking your next tropical vacation.

Skateboard Travel Photography by Jonathan Mehring

Jonathan Mehring 3

Once skateboarder Jonanthan Mehring was bit by the travel bug, he challenged himself to find “the gnarliest, most culturally different places” to skate. His passion for skateboarding and travel combined with his amazing camera skills have allowed him to make a career out of his talents. He has been to over 30 countries with his friends, scouting the most unique locations to skate, often garnering quite an audience. Mehring’s photos have been published in Rolling Stone, Spin, Skateboarder, Thrasher, Monster Children, Slap and Kingpin and shown in galleries all over the world. Below is his fascinating interview with Andrew Norton for The Photographer Series, which “tells the stories behind some of skateboardings most epic images and the dudes who made them.”

Retro Travel Posters for Famous Movie Locations

MUTI Movie location travel posters 3

As far as travel posters go, there have never been any to match the romantic versions from the mid-century. Starting with streamlined steamship and aircraft posters in the 1930s, the world was becoming smaller at an exciting rate. No longer did it take months to reach your destination, and no longer did it cost a fortune. If exploring nature was more your speed, the WPA pumped out a series of exquisite US National Park posters that make America truly look like the promised land. Now, South African illustrator MUTI has created a series of four posters channeling the spirit of those classic times into fictitious travel posters for famous movie locations.

We Love Friday! Wonderful World of Wanderlust


St. Augustine once said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” With the rise in remote jobs, more and more people are traveling while they’re still young, rather than waiting for retirement, and seeing others living this way through social media is helping wanderlust to spread like wildfire. It’s also causing a positive shift in global consciousness, since the more people travel, the more accepting of other cultures they become. Mark Twain said it best:

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the Earth all one’s lifetime.

To celebrate those with wanderlust, like most of the Visual News team, who have caught the travel bug, and spend their free time planning their next trip, we searched Instagram for this lovely collection of travel pics that will undoubtedly have you price checking plane tickets to someplace awesome.

Motorcycle Diaries: 1 man, 503 days, 83,459 miles

1 Expedition South

We all have dreams, but some of us turn them into a reality. Before he dives into his doctoral studies, Alejandro Chacon decided to pursue the adventure of a lifetime. He sold everything he had and left his home in El Paso, Texas to drive halfway around the world! He went through Mexico, Central America, reached the Southernmost tip of Argentina, then went up through the Amazon and back up North all the way to Alaska and all the way home 503 days. His trip totaled 83,459 miles and he was able to see 22 countries along the way. He documented his adventures with his GoPro camera and compiled the highlights into the video below.

Young couple set across the Pacific on their 30 ft boat

Lily Barlow Charlie Bingham Portal 5

It only made sense that adventurer nomads Charlie Brigham and Lily Barlow set their sights on a trans-pacific voyage. They both had lots of travels recorded in their lifebooks, including biking across continents and deserts, sailing as crew across the Atlantic and hitchhiking in 6 continents. While they were both individual nomads themselves, their paths would continually cross and through time their feelings for each other grew stronger. In August 2011, they committed their lives to each other and expressed to their family and friends that if anyone wanted to give something to them in honor of their love, that it be related to their dream: obtaining a sailboat and making it their home for adventures to come. They moved to Marina Del Rey in California, got a Cape Dory Clipper and named her “Portal.” Now after a full year of preparation, the couple and two of their friends set sail on March 10th, 2013 waving good bye.

The Art of “Jet-Hiking”

Jet Hiking Amber Nolan 0

In the realm of travel, there have been plenty of stories about hitchhiking and even boat-hitching, but have you ever come across a “jet-hitcher?” Let’s introduce Amber Nolan, who likes to go by the alias of the “Jet-Hiking Gypsy.” A travel writer by trade, she had the crazy idea one day to hitchhike around the country on general aviation planes and private jets. Deciding it wasn’t too crazy to try, she began the JetHiking Project with the goal of hitching on aircraft to all 50 states in the USA.

Horizontal Rows of Film Reconstruct Landmarks

Golden Gate

Landmarks are what makes a city recognizable, thus have become one of the most photographed structures out there. Seen in just about every person’s travel pics, postcards, and travel blogs they start to lose their excitement, but German artist Thomas Kellner has remixed landmarks in a unique photomontage style. He takes hundreds of pictures, scanning the entire structure one tiny portion at a time, then horizontally places the film strips of the individual pictures to reconstruct the landmark, thus creating an entirely new picture. The process is as complicated as it sounds, yet the final result makes it all worth the painstaking hours to get a new twist on something so familiar.